Helpful applicants are helpful.

And to answer Irving- any accepted characters can ask for any reasonable thing they wish. So yes, a sub thread wouldn't be asking too much.

...if psionics are in, I'd use the psychic warrior. You don't have to dig up another book or learn a new rules system, and there's already a swordsage in the mix.

I'd still urge you to think about what sort of unarmed combatant you're making, where they hail from, and why they don't feel the need to pick up and perfectly innocent sword and smack their foes with it. The githzerai monks of Limbo are a good place to look. If you want something exciting, try the spikers from Planar Handbook. A race completely covered in spikes with no LA? Sounds like a dandy unarmed Planescape combatant to me. And look! WoTC excepted them from the Planar Handbook! No digging!

Space Frog looking Unarmed combatant with crazy Judo throws...seemed like fun to me. I am glad I got the Unarmed variant approved.

The more I look at it, the more I like spiker/psychic warrior. The class has some powers that explicitly benefit natural weapons. Don't know if you like it, but there's some fertile ground here.

If I may, I'd like to inquire about the availability of a certain trick:

1) Is Hathran available as a prestige class? (PGtF; pg.:59)
2) Is this spell: Acorn of Far Travel, available for use?

To sum up my thought process: While activating the spell, Acorn of Far Travel, I would be considered to reside in Rashemen wherever I go. Thus activating the Hathran special ability Rashemi Spirit Magic.

3) Is Leadership available?

Leadership was already rules out (shame, I was going to go Red Wizard with that bodyguard PrC ) so I'm guessing no Hathran either.

Hm, can you imagine how gross it would be to grapple someone as a spiker or bladeling? They start leading their life juice all over you immediately and there's nothing you can do about it but take a long shower afterwards... Nevermind the possibility that you might want to deal non-lethal damage some times.

I'm actually having some trouble coming up with an interesting concept right now, so I figured I'd look at some classes and stuff and see if they gave me ideas. Hm, I've never used psionics. Haven't really been in any game where they were used actually, at least not any that lasted long enough for me to get any more than a basic idea of how they work. I wonder if it'd be a good idea to make a character who uses them...


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