Planeswalker: Since the unarmed Swordsage gets the Unarmed Strike progression of the Monk would you say that items that work with the Monk work for Swordsages?

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If you made a female spiker grappler, you would have yourself a genuine iron maiden.
Heh, I was actually considering such a character (grappling kinda sucks but I've been wanting to try it).

Planeswalker, I don't suppose you are allowing WotC web enhancements like the Mind's Eye? In particular, I was thinking this variant Pyrokineticist (and also how does the Pyro's lash work in the first place, does it threaten, provoke, and/or get a Str bonus, etc?) but there are some other good ones too (though there's also some oddment 3.0 and the like which is a bit less good).

Grappling does not suck, but you have to build for it.. which is a bit feat intensive... but it works a treat if you get it working, really.

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I'm around! Getting back to this just bear with me - had a family crisis. All questions answered shortly.
No worries. I am sure we all understand how those go.

Grappling is fantastic! Unfortunately it doesn't play out well in pbp. It's very roll intensive with AoO's, then touch attack, then grapple check, then opposed grapple check, then unarmed attack damage, and once all that's done you do it again on your opponents turn then yours then his then yours then his, so on and so forth. Just makes alot of rolling. It can be done, but it slows things down sometimes.


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