Character Creation

Character Creation

This content is strictly limited to the base d20srd, and the Eberron Campaign Setting.

You are restricted to feats in the Eberron Campaign Setting and d20srd, so these two lists:

Other Eberron Material will be considered case by case (such as player's guide to Eberron, or Sharn City of Towers) however as I am less familiar with other eberron books I would like to reserve the right of refusal. Although I do love Eberron so it is certainly okay to browse other books. For a list of all Eberron Sources, look here:

Build Rules
Level 1
Standard Ability Array [15,14,13,12,10,8]
Roll for starting gold by class:
Druid = 2d4 x 10 gp
Sorcerer, Wizard = 3d4 x 10 gp
Barbarian, Bard = 4d4 x 10 gp
Cleric, Monk, Rogue, Artificier = 5d4 x 10 gp
Fighter, Paladin. Ranger = 6d4 x 10gp

Available Races

Additionally, all players must choose a "region" that they are from. If you need help with this or getting specifics for Eberron races or classes, just ask. You don't have to be familiar with Eberron in order to join this game.

Miscellaneous Rules
Kalahstar have access to Psionic Rules - they are the only exception.
Evil alignments restricted for starting characters.
Don't ask for supplementary material for the application, it will be denied.
Be creative, and have fun!

Some information on Action Points:

Action points provide a player with the means to alter d20 rolls in dramatic situations, reflecting the luck that can change crushing failure into heroic success. Your char- acter has a limited number of action points, and you must use them wisely, since you don’t replenish this supply until your character attains a new level.
You can spend an action point to improve the result of an attack roll, a skill check, an ability check, a level check, or a saving throw. Certain feats and prestige class features allow you to spend action points in different ways, but this is their most basic use.
When you spend an action point, you add the result of a roll of 1d6 to your d20 roll to help you meet or exceed the target number for the roll. You can declare that you are spending an action point after you have already rolled the d20, but you must do so before the Dungeon Master reveals the result of your roll (whether the attack roll or check or saving throw succeeded or failed). You can’t use an action point on a skill check or ability check when you are taking 10 or taking 20.

Instead of altering the result of a d20 roll, you can use action points to perform one of the special actions described below. In addition, some prestige classes and feats allow you to spend action points to gain or activate
specific abilities.
Activate Class Feature: You can spend
2 action points to gain another use of one of the following class features that has a limited number of uses per day: bardic music, rage, smite evil, Stunning Fist, turn or rebuke undead, or wild shape.
Hasten Infusion: On his turn, an artificer can spend 1 action point to imbue an infusion in 1 round, even if the infusion’s casting time is normally longer than
1 round.
Stabilize: When your char-
acter is dying, you can spend 1 action point to stabilize at your current hit point total. Spending an action point does nothing for you if you’re
already dead.

Post your character application as a single post in this thread, keep OOC posts in the general OOC thread. Thanks!!

Asher Warsong
Class: Barbarian
Race: Human
Region: Argonnessen, from the island of Seren.
Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip
Skills: Intimidate, Listen, Survival, CC-Knowledge (History), CC-Knowledge (Arcane), CC-Perform (Wind Instruments), CC-Tumble
Languages: Common, Draconic, Orcish

Abilitiy Scores:
Str 13
Dex 10
Con 15
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 12

Asher is odd for a barbarian. Fascinated with the stories from his elders, he set out to experience adventure for himself at a very young age. Over time as he travelled with the traders, he picked up common and forgot his native Argon (a mutated form of common, completely. Seeking adventure, he grabbed his war horn and guisarme he headed to the famed City of Towers.

Asher will focus on battlefield control, buffing allies and will be multiclassing to Bard after level 1. At level 6, he will be most likely taking Dragon Disciple (Red Dragon.)

Personality & Appearance
Average height, Asher is wide at the shoulders, and at the waist. Heavy as he is, one would not make the mistake it for fat or a sedentary life. He has long black hair, scruff of his beard is just growing in, but he is quick to smile and his eyes are sharp. He is the first to greet newcomers, and can come off as abrasive because of his booming personality.

He carries his guisarme with him at all times. Perhaps the most striking features about Asher are the golden dragon shaped horn that hangs from his belt, and the draconic elements of his clothing.

Fluinn Brookstone
Class: wizard (transmuter)
Race: shifter (cliffwalk)
Region: the Eldeen Reaches

Ability scores:
Str 13
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 6

Fluinn Brookstone had come to Sharn, the City of Towers, just a couple of days ago. He was from the rural lands of the Eldeen Reaches, from a village called Havenglen in the eastern parts of the country. He and his family of shifters lived and worked with the dragonmarked humans of House Vadalis, who maintained a small enclave in the village. Fluinn had been somewhat of an oddity among his shifter kin: even as young as four or five, he had displayed a remarkably sharp mind for a shifter, typically much better known for their physical prowess rather than mental competence. The humans of the dragonmarked house had taken an interest in young Fluinn, and when a respected member of the Havenglen Vadalis enclave had decided to test the shifter boy, Fluinn’s life was changed forever.

“Master Rendief, you told me to walk the lands of Khorvaire and beyond—well, this is the first step.” Fluinn walked through the dizzyingly varied streets of Sharn, rolling his big shoulders to relax himself. Master Rendief was a wizard of House Vadalis living in Havenglen, and the old human had been the one to teach the art of true magic to Fluinn. It had taken several years, and at certain points Master Rendief had nearly abandoned his young student; Fluinn was intelligent, but sometimes his shifter nature seemed to hinder the intense focus required to master the spells of the arcane. Fluinn had persisted, and after ten years of studies, he’d finally been declared a wizard of his own.

His shifter peers had been wary of Fluinn’s new purpose in life, yet perhaps secretly proud too. Fluinn was not physically frail in any way, as often thought of mages; on the contrary, he was as nimble as any shifter and strong as well. His ability in the arcane distanced him from his race, however, or that is at least how Fluinn felt. He was a cliffwalker, and the typical shifter of his trait was thought to be shy and introverted—that was certainly true of Fluinn. He was proud of his mastery over magic, of being above a mere magewright, but his quiet demeanor allowed him to keep these thoughts to himself.

He now stood in front of his new future, he thought. Sharn had called him—adventure had called him. Fluinn Brookstone had decided to answer.

Personality & Appearance:
Fluinn Brookstone is quiet and introverted and does not speak much. He is often lost in his own thoughts, observing his surroundings and making mental notes about things and people. Fluinn smiles rarely and he is not someone who could be described as warm or friendly—yet, he’s not overtly abrasive or belligerent either. He blends into the background, personality-wise.

Fluinn is broad of shoulder, of average height for a shifter, and possessed of a somewhat burly physique yet agile as any shifter. He walks more upright than most others of his race. Fluinn has black hair and eyes and he tends to sport a coarse mustache, a good counterpart to his bushy eyebrows. He favors modest clothing in earthy colors.

Fluinn will focus on utility and buffing spells as opposed to raw firepower. His prohibited schools are evocation and illusion. He could also multi-class into a non-caster class to take advantage of his good physical abilities, perhaps a ranger, which would be a good thematic fit too. His focus would still be wizard.

Posting Schedule:
I think that the average posting frequency would end up being about 5 posts a week. Usually it's every day at the start of new games but it then tapers off. Five in a week or so, on average, has been pretty good in my past games.

Eissa of Cyre

Class: Artificer
Race: Human
Region: Cyre (Displaced)

Ability scores:
Str 13
Dex 12
Con 10
Int 15
Wis 8
Cha 14

Eissa grew up the daughter of a Cyran blacksmith and an unmarked political pariah from House Deneith. While she had a natural aptitude for working armor, helping her father tend to damaged warforged when she was old enough, fate took a turn for the worse when she manifested a dragonmark. Specifically, a dragonmark with properties alien to her mother's family. Some investigation revealed that her father, while mostly human, had a grandparent from House Lyrandar. While her parents didn't love her any less, and the power granted by her mark couldn't be less benign, the community at large was of a more conservative mindset due to the war. With tearful goodbyes and supplies for travel, Eissa departed the Donchi Smithy and sought out a way to get by on her own.

She managed to get by repairing armor for a service fee, which was reliable work in a time of war. Her efforts to keep apace with the war effort took her over the border out of Cyre, toward Breland, as she coupled her work with efforts to follow rumors of a House for those with dragonmarks like hers. Her journey wound up saving her life, as she crossed the border less than a month before the Day of Mourning. When she got word, she immediately made to backtrack in the hopes of finding evidence that her parents had somehow survived, but a warforged who had become dependant upon her for repairs bodily restrained her from fleeing long enough to talk her down from throwing herself into danger. While she didn't like feeling helpless to aid her parents, she assented and resumed her work.

By the time the Treaty of Thronehold was signed, Eissa had given up hope of seeing her parents again. Instead, she was making her way toward Sharn, burning through the modest sum she had made by scavenging, repairing, and reselling armor. Of late, she has been getting by with odd jobs: Making and selling armor for adventurers, providing warforged with "medical" attention between dangerous jobs, occasionally disarming an old trap so that an abandoned segment of the city could be put to fresh use. She eventually made contact with House Tarkanan, but decided that it wasn't for her due to the rather malign culture of the organization.

At present, Eissa is making her way in Sharn, looking for direction.

Personality & Appearance:
Eissa eagerly throws herself into her work as a form of escapism so that she doesn't have to dwell on the consequences of the Day of Mourning. While her struggle with her issues is going well, as demonstrated by her rejecting House Tarkanan on moral grounds when she could have found acceptance among them, it still remains a struggle. It's also a struggle that she's hesitant to open up to others about, and she puts on a cheerful, talkative front to obfuscate her troubles from both herself and others.

The blue-eyed blonde is a bit shorter than average, thanks possibly due to her minute elven ancestry. She has an athletic build for a woman of her age, thanks to the work in various smithies that has also provided her with a bronze tan. While her armor isn't her own creation, she maintains it, and as such tends to wear the scale mail when going about to demonstrate her capabilities as an artisan. Even on her best day, though, her most distinct feature is the dragonmark on her left temple.

Plan on going pure Artificer class-wise, focusing on being a trap-buster and item-crafter. In combat, she'll actually be an offensive force, using Personal Weapon Augmentation to give her mace Whatever The Party Is Facing Bane.

Posting Schedule:
I can easily pull off a post daily, although I have no problem with slowing it down to fit a pace that the rest of the party is more comfortable with.

Sam the Hunter

Class: Ranger
Race: Human
Region: Shadow Marches
Feats: Able Learner, Self-sufficient, Animal Affinity. Ranger abilities.
Skills: Balance,Climbing, Use Rope, Survival, Heal, Listen, Spot, Hide, Handle Animal, Prof: Manager. Some Knowledge in Planes and Religion Dungeoneering and Nature.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Gatekeeper Code)

Ability scores:
Str 10
Dex 15
Con 8
Int 12
Wis 14
Cha 13

"phish'leith nindel z'haan phor niar'haanin ulu n'kyorlin guy'ya" is orcish for "Salmon that swims upstream to awaiting bear" which is Sam's given name. So around non-Marcher humans, he goes by 'Sam', back home he goes by 'Little fish' which is a homonym for the orcish term for salmon (red fish-phish'leith). He has not yet earned the right to bare his clan name 'Torrn', nor has he taken a chosen name, which is odd for someone his age.

Sam's family and clan (Tornn) have had many manifestations of the dragonmark of finding and those that do are immediately adopted into the House Tharask. Lacking any dragonmark, Sam needs to prove himself to be even worthy of bearing the Torrn name. His clan also has strong ties with the Gatekeepers and he has been accepted into that sect. While he has a fair amount of experience in the marshes, he was selected for his current mission due to his affinity for city life and being able to keep a level head when other hunters rage out of control.

He was assigned as an escort (along with half a dozen other hunters) for a Gatekeeper Aspirant on a mission to Sharn. Best he could tell, they were trading Eberron shards for Khyber shards. The Aspirant said something about "a treacherous hive of scum and villainy." as their ship entered the Hilt. The Aspirant went in to negotiate giving Sam instructions to "Be ready and watch for their signal." That was a couple months ago. With his funds nearly depleted, he's taken to selling Shadow March style spicy barbeque cuisine amongst the towers. While the novelty of selling fresh hot food while on stilts to second floor balconies proved lucrative, the street vendors have been making things dangerous. After a painful fall and an expensive lesson with a feather fall token, Sam has restricted his vending to the Cassan Bridge district on Menthis until he can find a suitable candidate to work the stilts while he handles the ground.

Note: Marchers do not share the same rights that most other citizens do. He could basically be killed by a citizen with impunity, much like any of the other 'monsters' from Droaam and the Undercity.

Personality & Appearance:
Sam is generally friendly and helpful. Advise and experience has made him less trusting of people in Sharn though. So, he extends one hand while keeping the other tight on his purse. He is dedicated to the ancient Gatekeeper traditions. As his name implies, he is not easily dissuaded once he has set his mind to something, even when facing overwhelming opposition.

Sam usually wears a wide brimmed hat and a rain cloak made of palm fronds. This is very airy while keeps him dry, useful for the afternoon showers in Sharn. When not on high stilts, he wears short stilted slippers only a few inches high.

Pretty much sticking to the ranger advancement. Favored enemies start with outsider (evil) which, at low levels includes the summoned fiendish critters. Then Undead and finally Aberrations (Daelkyr). I'd like to pick up weapon finesse fairly soon but I'll be going the archer ranger route. He has a fairly unique fighting style involving combat from tall stilts. This usually puts him out of reach of most melee weapons, at the risk of them striking his stilts and falling. This is a fishing technique in the swamps, often using the third leg (a long spear) to stabilize the fisherman. He's going to start gaining a menagerie of animals to do the fighting for him.

Posting Schedule:
I like to follow the nobody is waiting for me to post philosophy along with don't hinge actions on someone else posting. So I'll typically post daily or more often.

Modred Mistdragoon d'Lyrandar
Class: sorcerer
Race: Half Elf
Region: Karrnath
House: Lyrandar
Feats: 1st level feat: Favored in House Feat Granted by Flaw: Least Dragonmark
Skills: Bluff,Concentration,Craft (glass blowing ) Diplomacy (National) Heal(granted by flaw) Knowledge (arcana)
Knowledge (history) (National) Knowledge (religion) (National) Profession (Air Ship flying ) Spellcraft
Languages: Common, Elf, Draconic.

Abilitiy Scores:
Str : 08
Dex: 12
Con: 10
Int: 14
Wis : 13
Cha: 15

Gold: 40
Modred was aboard the Valkyrie in the skies above Cyre on the day of Mourning, he was serving as ships Cartographer a billet he had filled for the past two years the young half elf had become accustomed to the ships aerial stability to now something had gown very wrong .
When he got to the bridge he saw utter chaos, the elemental wheel that controls the fire elemental ring, bound to the airship, some how been damaged causing the air ship to lose positive control. The captain manages to retain control over the elemental long enough to put the ship on the ground. Once on the ground, the elemental breaks its bonds and departs, not before killing several of the ships crew in retaliation for being bound to the ship. Joining in the destruction of Cyre.
With no hope of rescue, the crew had to hike out on foot. When they reached the dead grey mists surrounding Mournland Modred was separated from the group the e vents of those days are still foggy in his mind. Being used to navigating a wall of fog and made it possible for Modred t o make it through to the other side, the mists had stolen a lot from him while he was making his way through once on the other side he discovered he was an albino the mists had drained him of his life energy leaving him nothing more than a living ghost. He alone was the lone survivor. He intends to get that ship back and make his own way but first he needs to acquire a bound elemental wheel of wind and water and a plan to get through the mists.

progressing through as a sorcerer thinking of taking on the prestige class for the Dragon Marks and at the end the Arch Mage prestige class. if possible.

Personality & Appearance

Modred is a likable guy if not a bit brooding, He spends his spare time or much of it thinking about the events of the day when his ship crashed and of his trip through the fog. His hair is bone white, no matter how hard he tries to keep it combed it always looks wind blown. His skin is white the color of bleached bone and his eyes are a light red (pink) color

Still not sure how the houses work. My last name is d' Dragoon Lyrandar which I use amongst members of my own house and d'Lyrandar when dealing with everybody else. So that leads me to think that its diffrent familys but belonging in some way to the major blood line of Lyrander and since I am Favored in house either my family is linked more directly by blood or the Head of House Lyrandar has a liking for my Family in for some reason like The patron of the Mistdragoons was best friends with the Patron of house Lyrandar is that sort of correct?

@Excior - that is one way that it could work. The d'Lyrandar is more of a title than a name, "of house Lyrandar." Favored in House states:
Your family is influential and powerful, and you have the ability to call in favors from other members of your family and their extensive contacts. By making a favor check (see below), you can call upon contacts to gain important information without going through the time and trouble of a Gather Information check. Favors can also be used to acquire the loan of equipment or documents from influential acquaintances.

This could be by blood, or by a past deed that an ancestor of yours had done to gain favor. But yes, this is correct.

The only Eberron books I have are


what book is this city we are goiong to be in found? is there a wikki with the city in it?

The d' prefix refers to dragonmarked houses. The ir' prefix refers to landed nobility. In both cases, the use should fall close to the policy of enlisted vs. officers. Just because you work for a house, doesn't mean you get to use the d' prefix. Having the appropriate dragonmark tends to get you fast tracked though, as the House sees you as a potential asset.

Additional note, that may have been overlooked. One of the sourcebooks, it might be Five Nations, had a stipulation and edict passed that the dragonmarked houses cannot own property (land) because that would grant them too much power. So if a noble married a housemember, one or the other would have to give up their claim.


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