No, we're hiding as ninjas do. It's called ninjuising. We're here, but we're pretending to be not here.

A good ninja has no need for hiding, for no one knows of his presence.

Which reminds me of this one time I was playing... Faerun campaign setting. My character was a Drow Ninja, we also had a Drow Swashbuckler, a Drow Priestess, and a Near-Blind Underground Barbarian dood... The Ninja? Disguised himself as a (Fancy spoiled person posing as a mercenary to avoid attention), while it was the /actual noble-born swashbuckler/ who did most of the shifty, cloak-and-dagger hiding. :P

That was more of an interesting holiday than I planned for. Back now, just a week late. Glad you lot are getting acquainted. As you can imagine I have a bit of catching up to do but I haven't forgotten this game!

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