Avengers: Warlord of Baluur #3 (of 3)

Avengers: Warlord of Baluur #3 (of 3)

EnergyStar and Maelstrom race towards lower Manhattan in one of the BRAVE modules.
Pulsar has tracked the escape pod to a construction site after firing upon it and watching it descend into the city. It looks like the only place to easily land will be on the top of the closest building. Lowering the ship and getting out, Pulsar encounters a red, yellow, and green clad individual with a flowing cape. Although Pulsar is not absolutely certain, this is probably not the alien-world conquerer he is looking for...
After the first flying vessel streaked past Bubbles and into the partially constructed tower, another flying ship of a different make flew to the tower with significantly more grace. The ship lands and a
Pulsar's Polpularity is Feeble, GM rolls a 64, yup, he's recognized
humanoid creature emerges that Bubbles recognizes as Pulsar, a relatively new hero...but...he's from the western end of the state...what's he doing here?
It is late at night. The glass and steel skeleton of a partially-constructed skyscraper rises high into the air. Bubbles and Pulsar face each other as a flash of light on the top floor grabs their attention. Standing in the whipping wind is the awesome form of Blastaar, the Living Bombburst!
With a swipe of his powerful arm, he knocks a man wearing a business suit into the shadows behind a stack of crates. Blastaar raises something high, as a brilliant cloak of energy engulfs his body. With a triumphant bellow, he shouts, ”The Cosmic Control Rod is mine!”

Cosmic Control Rod? I don't like the sound of that. Look buddy, we better find a way to keep this nutjob away form all these norms. I'll draw his fire, you see what you can do.

Hey, Blasto! You are so going to get towed parking like that. Cute stick you've got there ... is that a cross-dimensional remote control or something? I swear, people are so lazy these days...

Pulsar is flying so that any shot directed at him will not affect the local populace. He's got his energy absorbsion circuits on full power, and praying to the ghost of Tesla that he can get out of this unslagged.

Pulsar and Bubbles, roll a d10 for initiative. As a bonus to the die, add the number of ranks your Intuition is above Typical (Good would be +1, Excellent +2, Rm +3, etc.)

Blastaar's initiative:
Dice Roll: 1d10+1
d10 Results: 2 (Total = 3)

The top floor of the building encompasses 8 areas, 4 of which are essentially open pits, leading down 4 stories through the construction. One area contains an elevator, one contains a stack of girders (Rm material strength, Rm Strength FEAT to lift), one is an open wooden platform (where you are now), which connects to an area filled with crates of construction materials (Gd material strength, Gd Strength FEAT to lift) where Blastaar is now. The areas that are open pits do have temporary walkways through them so it is possible for someone to traverse them if they are very careful.

"So! You weakling humans think you can stop me!", Blastaar barks. "Now that I have the Cosmic Control Rod, the entire cosmos shall quake with fear!"

Round One

Pulsar, then Bubbles, then Blastaar. Post your actions!
During this round, EnergyStar can see Pulsar's module and the three figures on top of the building. If she chooses to land the ship this round, those that exit (Maelstrom and 'Star) may act in Round Two.

Originally Posted by The Firkraag
I think she meant the laser mounted on the outside of the pod.
Yup, that's what we're talking about.


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