Avengers: Warlord of Baluur #3 (of 3)

Maelstrom grips the walls of the module with uncanny strength, but his coordination is more in the nature of canny.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 23

This guy looks tough. I'd better use enough karma to ensure reds all the way (except the agility feat). Easy come, easy go nice karma.

Bubbles imediatly jump to attention and shakes off the feeling of dispair from the shattered bubble!! trys to grab the object and casts the best bubble he ever cast to protect himself
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 92

Round Two, in which the Karma flows like water and everyone goes for the rod...

[Taking into account everyone's declared actions, their initiative, Karma expenditure, and what they did and did not tell each other so far...]

Pulsar releases a vibrational shockwave, intended to make Blastaar lose his grip on the rod. Everyone in the area is momemtarily effected, as the high frequency of the shockwave feels like a cross between an electrical shock and the rapid onset of nausea. Blastaar loses his grip on the Cosmic Control Rod. (-158 Karma, +1 successful attempt at a Power Stunt: You can use your Energy Conversion as your Strength for a ranged Grabbing attack)

EnergyStar spills out of the wreckage of the BRAVE vehicle and rolls to her feet, like one would expect of a trained warrior. Still crouching down, she reaches out with her hands towards the Cosmic Control Rod, which tumbles from Blastaar's grip and lands with a resounding "CLANG" at Blastaar's feet. It does not bounce, roll, or otherwise move. At all. Those of you who don't know (in character) what EnergyStar did, assume the rod must be very, very heavy. Or strongly magnetic. (-110 Karma, +1 successful attempt at a Power Stunt: Weight Increase)

Bubbles, hearing Pulsar's command, projects a force bubble around the fallen rod.

Maelstrom spills out of the crashed BRAVE module somewhat less gracefully than EnergyStar did and ends up tumbling over the side of the new construction's floor, falling down into the unfinished building. Those who see him fall off the edge immediately feel a sense of panic (you ARE nine stories up).
Once he realizes what has happened, Maelstrom telereforms back up to the ninth floor, adjacent to Blastaar, with a crackling discharge of energy. He quickly looks around for the rod, which is not where he expected it to be (in Blastaar's hand). Noticing it on the ground, Maelstrom telereforms below himself, giving those watching the momentary impression of seeing two Maelstroms. His disappearance and immediate reappearance are accompanied by more Teslian-like discharges. Maelstrom apears on the ground, reaches for the Control Rod, and finds it encased in some sort of force bubble. Momentarily confused by this unexpected force field, Maelstrom wraps his arms around the nearly-invisible bubble, and telereforms away, followed by yet another crackling arc of energy.
Maelstrom and the rod-containing bubble are gone.

Somewhere, not too far away, Maelstrom reappears, holding an extremely heavy bubble. After contemplating it for a couple seconds, the bubble pops and the Control Rod falls into Maelstrom's hands, now much lighter than it had been. (-151 Karma, +1 successful attempt at a Power Stunt: You can take up to three attacks/actions per round by teleporting multiple times)

Blastaar cries out with a ferocious roar and flies into a rage. Blasts of energy fly from his hands, first at Pulsar (35 points of damage after Body Armor), and then at EnergyStar (45 points of damage after Body Armor), then he turns his attention to Bubbles...

At that point, another crackling of lightning occurs and a standing figure who wasn't there a minute ago is silouhetted against the night sky...but it isn't Maelstrom this time. "Well, hello everyone", Radical Warrior says, stepping forward. "Shocked to see me?"

End of Round 2. Rad, I know what your actions are for this new round. Everyone else, post your actions!

OK, Mr Blasty, time to put you to bed!

Pulsar, once again unharmed by the blasts, hits Blastarr with a full blast of vibrational energy:

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 70

Originally Posted by Shin Ji
OK, Mr Blasty, time to put you to bed!
Pulsar, once again unharmed by the blasts, hits Blastarr with a full blast of vibrational energy.
It occurs to Pulsar that everyone has been focusing on getting the rod away from him and that the only attack against him personally was the energy blast that was fired from the BRAVE unit before it was destroyed. That attack seemed to have no effect. Hoping that Blastaar will have a different reaction to his energy attack, Pulsar fires a ray of compressed vibrational sound directly at him...

...Oh, yeah...that worked!

You see Blastaar momentarily pushed back from the force of the attack and he appears injured, not massively, but you at least know you can hurt him. He turns his attention from Bubbles towards Pulsar, with a snarl.


SHIELD agents, Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, Leslie Bachman, Sean Petersen, and Doug Taylor arm up, grabbing various nasty-looking weapons from the SHIELD arsenal in preparation for beaming down to help the team if need be. Nick looks at an LCD readout marked "BRAVE", under which there are four lines of text. The lines labelled "Maelstrom" and "Radical Warrior" are each followed by a red X, while the lines marked "EnergyStar" and "Pulsar" are followed by a green ball. As Nick is looking, the green ball following the name "EnergyStar" changes from a green ball to a red X.
"I'm not getting that ship back, am I?", Nick facetiously asks Sharon.


After Rad's dramatic enterance, you can feel the air around you suddenly get colder, almost enough to cause goosebumps. The sky rapidly begins to cloud over and a bolt of lightning streaks from the sky, striking Blastaar. Everyone's hair stands on end for a few seconds (literally) as you can all feel the dissipating static from the lightning strike, the thunderous boom of which causes mild tintinabulation in everyone for a few seconds afterwards (except Pulsar, whose suit automatically filtered out the auditory "spike" from outside).
Everyone standing on the skyscraper also feels a minor jiggle as the lightning is grounded through Blastaar to the metal frame of the building they are standing on (no damage to you guys).
Blastaar, although he seems to have been adversely affected by the lightning (is that smoke coming off of him?), is still standing. And ticked.

Energystar grabs one of the guns that she has attached to her belt and
Leader's Gun - Amazing Strength entagle cabels
shoots at Blastaar.

Using Karma to get a hit.
Agility, Good 10:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 72

Originally Posted by Tila
Energystar grabs one of the guns that she has attached to her belt and shoots at Blastaar.
Expanding metal cables whip about through the air, completely entangling Blastaar's arms and torso. Let's hope that holds.

Bubbles and Maelstrom are up. Everyone else, let me know what actions you are preparing for next round.

Maelstrom, rod in hand, decides to keep his distance from Blastaar. He does, however, summon the aegis to congeal about their enemy and further enclose his entangled body. Summoning concrete from the area all around, he attempts to pile it up to Blastaar's neck.

Not sure if a roll is needed since he's entangled, but here it is just in case.
Remarkable Matter Collection
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 45

Bubbles is Going to launch a energy bubble at Blastaar
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 38
and ask the super heroes "What now?"

Bubbles projects a force field around the struggling alien monstrosity as, shortly thereafter, a substance resembling thick cement begins to coalesce on the bubble, eventually collapsing it and covering Blastaar himself.
Seconds later, he is nearly completely covered, but continues to struggle against his restraints, flailing about wildly.
Suddenly, Blastaar manages to break free, sending a rain of broken bits of cable and concrete flying through the air in all directions. He is free once again.
...Hey, at least it kept him from acting offensively this round...
Round Three actions, everyone?


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