Valrik the Vile


Here are my rolls for hit points for the last two levels.

Dice Roll: 2d4
d4 Results: 3, 1 (Total = 4)

Also, I do need approval from WW for the Malign Spell Focus feat (BoVD page 49) if possible. I am looking at blowing all four of my CP points on extra feats, of which I would like this feat to be one if approved.

Feats cost 5CP each. Sorry. It does say this in the list of CP exchange rates.

Yes, you may take this feat.

Ah, sorry I missed that (it makes sense, otherwise we would get way too many feats). Still, I may swap something out and save the four CPs for later.

Edit- I decided to save Malign Spell Focus for 6th level (assuming Valrik lives that long).

His character sheet is at if you want to start looking it over. It should be nearly finished, save a couple minor purchases of mundane equipment.

With regards to "Contacts", are relationships with other PCs counted against this total? If not, Valrik would probably have cultivated contact with a neutral cleric able to cast positive energy spells in order to produce various cure potions.

No, PCs do not count against the total.

I'll keep in mind the nuetral cleric when generating your list of potential contacts.

I just noticed your new spell acquisition rules will save me a little money...thanks!

Refiguring costs now....

I was able to add a few new spells (Fly, See Invisible, False Life and Magic Missile). Valrik feels much more well rounded now

OK, the character sheet is pretty much complete except for contact & reputation information and ready for review.


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