Valrik the Vile

With the changes to the loan rules I'm going to have to drastically cut back on the debt. I'll have to forego a cellar and stick with a simple residence/shop with only 500 gp worth of stock. Let me know what the real estate cost will be when you can.

Sorry for the change. We had a loooong discussion about it.

I'm going for rules that will allow you to buy an alchemist's lab. Hang on, all will be made clear sometime today.

You will need lodgings, but the lab rules will be based off the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook. This is not the final price, but will give you an idea what I'll be looking at.

1 ss is one stronghold space. About 20x20x10

Alchemical Laboratory, Basic
Size: 1 ss
Cost: 700 gp
Prerequisites: None
All sorts of vials, flasks, beakers, burners, crucibles, scales, measuring devices, and other alchemical equipment fill this space. The room also includes a pair of basins and a ready supply of water in a barrel or two lining the wall. Along one wall stands a fireplace that not only heats the room but also provides the fire necessary for so many kinds of alchemical recipes.

The floor is rough wood or stone, often stained with chemicals. Shelves stocked with chemicals and alchemical reagents line the walls.

Using this lab gives a single character a +2 circumstance bonus on his Alchemy checks.

I already had 500 gp allocated for a lab on my character sheet and have enough cash to cover the other 200 gp without a loan, so it looks like the debt I need to carry is for the living area and the shop front, plus stock.

What I need to finish up then is the final loan amount I need for the above, plus my contact information.

If you like, I'll happily generate the neutral cleric I was requesting as my contact. I've also not seen any details on arcane or alchemical organizations yet and can create them if you like.

Feel free to create away. I may need to modify details, but I'll happily use player created materials at this stage.

I am placing you in Malwick, just SE of the University district, in the NE quandrant of the city.

You can find your neighborhood on the clickable map... it is one of the links that are not broken.

I have more detail forthcoming on the maps, but I can't update them now due to server problems.

Proposed Contact: Cranton Causterway, cleric of Boccob (3rd Level, Neutral).

Cranton is interested in all things magical and has lived in Fairhaven all his life. He spends much of his time puttering around with magic experiments and is keen on improving his knowledge of alchemical processes. He channels positive energy for his spells which is why Valrik has cultivated a friendship of sorts with him. Cranton is relatively low in the church hierarchy, but not so low that he is tied to the menial tasks so often reserved for acolytes. On occasion, Valrik drops by the church to pay his respects to Boccob and that was where he made Cranton's acquaintance. Their early conversations picqued Cranton's interest in potion making and Valrik is working on convincing Cranton to lend his help in making cure light wounds potions for sale (with half the profit going to the church of course).

Cranton is moderately well informed about the goings on in the church and knows many of the other arcane casters in town. He is a few years younger than Valrik with brown hair and eyes and is of medium build, running to stocky.

LOL, not even close to 80x80... don't worry, Medusa gathered links to all the portraits I need to crop. I'll get to yours when I do them all together.

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