Valrik the Vile

You actually cant see much when you shrink them down to less than an inch square if you don't focus on the face area. I'm sure WW can make it look nice for you. It will be this size when done
King Gir is a small Marmoset that Momma Toki has had for many years. He is very smart and well trained usually riding on her shoulder and causing mischief.
King Gir

OK, with the new building costs, Valrik will be have the following:

Basic Alchemical lab: 720 gp (already paid for with starting cash)
Basic Living Quarters: 220 gp
Basic Magical Lab: 520 gp
Basic Shop: 420 gp
2nd Subterranean Level (for Magical Lab) 400 gp
Stock for Shop: 500 gp

Total amount of loans: 2060 gp

1000gp will be a legitimate loan (using shop as collateral) and 1060 gp will be from illegal loans.

I believe that Medusa missed the price for expanded width that I have added to the cost of building. I will add that in now. You will need to determine what is on which floor.

I will post a clarification.

Also, the rules for basic quarters were unclear. That was to be cost per room, not for all three. However, I don't think that was clear from the info I gave Medusa. I have changed this... the price and space has doubled. Please see the new thread in the Information and Galleries folder.

Also, you are outside the University district. If I remember correctly, you are in Malwick, near the University. The price scale there is Average... unless you specifically want to be in a Wealthy neighborhood...

Let me know.

Also, you have 2nd subterranean level listed. What's in the first subterranean level?

The top level was to be living space, (i.e. residence). The main floor is the shop, the alchemical lab is in the cellar and the magical lab is in the sub-cellar. Average neighborhood is fine.

The new cost is 400gp for the top floor (residence), 400 gp for the shop (main floor), 700 gp for the basic alchemy lab (cellar), 400 gp to obtain a sub-cellar and 500 gp for the magical lab in the sub-cellar. He'll get 500 gp of stock for the shop. 700 gp of all that comes from starting money, so the total loan amount will be 2200 gp. Valrik will max his legitimate loan at 1000 gp , again using the place itself as collateral. The remaining 1200 gp will be illegal, meaning in two weeks he needs to shell out 1320 gp.

That looks about right to me. You don't have running water.

At least, not yet

I don't dare tack on more expense or I'll not have a prayer of making the payment in two weeks. It will be challenging as it is.

Once he is up and running, Valrik plans to, er , expand his facilities appropriately through nefarious means (via roleplaying).

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