OK, for the GMs:

Should I just switch to half-troll and drop the scrag part to make life easier? Or do I keep the scraggy goodness and resort to using a necklace of adaptation?

It is purely up to you, I like the Half-scrag or full scrag idea it fits so well into the city and the lay out for what Momma Toki is doing currently that I wish I had thought of it.

The necklace isn't a must have maybe you could hold off save some of your starting money and grab it when you level? With the amounts of water inthe game if you NEED that regen you can get it almost in one move from anywhere unless your locked up or otherwise trapped.

I'm very surprised that 1/2 scrag isn't +3 instead of +4 given the differences but /shrug.

In short you need to play the character you will enjoy playing, I don't want to decide for you ;p

You know... screw it. I picked the class for flavor too. So, half-scrag, and I won't worry about a necklace to create my fast healing... he is what he is.

And if he dies... maybe I'll play Momma Toki's worg...

What will your hp be? most of the casters look to be near 20 even with max at 1-3 lvls.

9k can buy some decent gear I suggest a healing belt (for obvious reasons) 750gp

Well, I get max at 1st... 18 con... 10 hp.

And yeah... I may be low on HP... but improved trip/free claw/claw/bite/rend with 22 strength is going to kill damn near anything in 1 round...

Hmm so we need to keep you up and alive till you lvl and jump to 20 or more hp. I would be looking at maximizing the use of your funds since weapons aren't a problem.
Gotta keep you out of any spell effects, people have fireball, and call lightnin Yike.

scour them books good for your equipment make every coin count.

Pick up IRonwill or whatever the feat is that lets you fight to -10 that doubles your effective hp and with your regen (if you fight in or near water could be enough )

I can't find that feat.

Item Request: Armor enchantment, Spell Storing, stores 1 spell up to 3rd level, cast as standard action (same as weapon of spell storing). Market price: +2 bonus - Arms and Equipment by Bastion Press.


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