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Diehard [General]

Prerequisite: Endurance.

Benefit: When reduced to between -1 and -9 hit points, you automatically become stable. You don't have to roll d% to see if you lose 1 hit point each round.

When reduced to negative hit points, you may choose to act as if you were disabled, rather than dying. You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points (even if it isn't your turn). If you do not choose to act as if you were disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you can take either a single move or standard action each turn, but not both, and you cannot take a full round action. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some free actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If you reach -10 hit points, you immediately die.

Normal: A character without this feat who is reduced to between -1 and -9 hit points is unconscious and dying.

Do trolls already die automatically at -10 or can they still regen back up? That is how they were always run in our games (for terrestrial trolls you had to use acid, fire etc to kill them.

Will Krellish be able to drop in combat and then heal right back up?

Troll have regeneration.
Half-Trolls only have fast healing. So I'l heal from -9... -10 I die.

Incedentally, I can also fast heal from fire/acid, unlike a troll.

wippit guud,

WW asked me to help develop a number of the local organizations and integrate local characters and characters with local connections.

Please give me a quick rundown on who you (character) are, where you've been and where you're going; I'll provide some suggestions including developing contacts and locations based on your input.


Who I am: a half-scrag. Not much else needs to be said on that issue

Where I've been: brought up by Momma Toki since I was a child, abandoned after being tossed off a ship. Seems mu mother didn't like the result of that particular enounter.

Where I'm going: I'm Momma's point of contact outside her warehouses. She sends me as her rep (as least that is my understanding). I'm also a point of contact on the docks, so would know dockworkers (if such a group exists), pirates, smugglers. What Momma needs to send by sea, I handle.

Nice concept; here are my suggestions (note: these are subject to WW's editorial pen and are not canon until she agrees).

The docks are essential to the operations of several legitimate and illegitimate organizations. Momma Toki is the only "mainstream" gang that operates out of the docks; the other major criminal organizations run jobs in and around the docks but don't move there in force for fear of a mob-war. Momma Toki needs to give the illusion of being a "neutral steward" of the docks on behalf of all criminals; part of this role is keeping the smaller gangs and bands of street urchins from causing too much trouble.

Illegitimate organizations:

Kirling Brotherhood: The shattered remnants of the Kirling Brotherhood maintain modest smuggling operations just outside of Momma Toki's personal territory. You know of one crew in particular, run by a crew-chief named Giuseppe; they operate out of the Sailor's Lament Tavern.

Hrufgar Family: A major dwarven merchant family with extensive play throughout the city. Their smuggling operations are completely devoid of finesse; but, do you really want to know what those two dozen heavily armed dwarves are doing on that boat in the middle of the night? Their smuggling is run by the patriarch's hotheaded son Grundar the Black; your contacts are his top enforcers/crew chiefs, Drumgid and Uusyr.

Dozens of small gangs, crews and groups of street urchins.

Semi-legitimate organizations:

The City Guard: To serve, protect and graft. Captain Renau's district runs the length of the docks; his men offer a 25% discount off of standard tariffs. Sergeant Beldo is your direct contact.

The Sailors' Union: The sailor's union is a closed-minded, superstitious lot of drunks, womanizers and sodomites. Most are fairly racists when it comes to half-scrag but even the most bigoted sailor loves the color of money. Two union reps maintain good connections with Momma Toki's crew; Boris Thames and Owen Tyrlos.

The Longshoremans' Union: The dockworkers are Momma Toki's bread and butter. Most are good, hardworking dock-hands who just need to put food on the table. They don't cause trouble and can generally be easily convinced to look the other way when trouble comes their way. You deal directly with the guildmaster Deanna Du Loc, Esquire.

The Shipwright Guild: The labor union that represents ship builders and other craftsmen attached to the docks. The guildmaster is an old gnome named Wesley Wuberlee; his assistant, Kristen Loftwick, acts as his representative for below the table dealings.

Legitimate organizations:

The Nightwatchmen: The personification of St. Cuthbert's unrelenting "douchebaggery" in the city. Almost a "mob" it its own right, the Church of St. Cuthbert's Nightwatchmen are little better than roving bands of hooligans that patrol the city day and night. Rumor has it that these self-righteous vigilantes are protected from on high by the prince of darkness. Last year one of the city's more corrupt merchants tried to push back against the Nightwatchmen's operations with his own thugs; the next day the bank called all his loans.

House Footmen and House Knights: The professional soldiers of the Duke are largely considered to be incorruptible and "noble." If any of them have flipped the script, the news has not reached your ears. They rarely involve themselves in the affairs of local businesses or criminal organizations but occasionally provide protection for items, persons or other assets that are of direct interest to the Duke. These assets make valuable but dangerous targets for criminal activity; when the House soldiers move, they move in force.

Gavashoon Shipping: A powerful shipping company owned by Lady Gavashoon; they own roughly half of the merchant vessels that operate out of the docks. The good Lady frowns on illegitimate operations but her Foreman, David Quinlann is more of a pragmatist.

Duke & Retainers Shipping: A wealthy, state owned, shipping operation run by Sir Ringlear, the Duke's cousin. They operate a few heavily armed vessels for important shipments. You have shared a few drinks with the company's controller, a sharp-eyed female gnome named Bellamira Dunkle.

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HA! Sorry that was all I retained inthe first reading

My TBMF you have been very busy behind the scenes. There is one thing we do need to discuss and that is What exactly it is that needs smuggling into the city? Are the Import Tariffs so high that we make coin on normal goods or are we smuggling more diabolical or dangerous cargos?

Just FYI Momma's take on the groups. Since only Krellish would know most of her feelings and history.

Kirling Brotherhood:
Her loose alliance with them during the climb to her current position was costly and painful but worththe returns in her eyes. She is glad to have the oppressive buggers gone but see's no real need to hunt anyone down from the old school group. More likely she would try to deal with them and gain by it.

Hrufgar Family: Brazen lil cusses who are best avoided unless they want something from ya then better to cut a deal quick and be off. Don't trust em and count the coin double.

The City Guard: mixed bag, never like dealin with new ones so best not hurt any of the ones we gots better the foe ya know than the one ya don't.

The Sailors' Union:
Solid lot of workin stiffs not the sort ya have to worrry about all that sneakin and intrigue with mostly plain talkin and good business sense. BE weary of new arrivals who don't knwo the score and never overreact with em till theys know whats what

The Longshoremans' Union: Locals our people they are on our side and we want to keep em that way. Always take trouble ta Du Loc, he handles it or gives us leave ta. We git as good as we give from them what lives with us.

The Shipwright Guild: Skills are money don't ye forget it. Skills something ye can only rent never really buy so keep em happy, hale and hearty so's they can do fer ya what they knows how ta.

The Nightwatchmen: SPIT right lot of offal in a clean sack. Steer clears of em and make sure our freinds knows they is abouts if ya sees em. Don't start nothin wit em lessen it is gonna finish final like. And never brings em here.

All the legitimate operations
House Footmen and House Knights:
Gavashoon Shipping:
Duke & Retainers Shipping:
Fall under the catagory of take what ya can git away with but don't kick the chamberpot. These are the types of organizations that beg to be shilled but Momma's typical operations don't involve them Especially the Gavashoons as they tend to just cause trouble for business if they get stirred up.

The Greb Goblin tribe are strong contacts and almost part of Mommas operations. They are always to be treated well and any trouble dealt with through Momma.

The preceding posts from Bats and Medusa have the Wonder Woman seal of approval.

Good work guys.

Krellish will need a 2000gp whip of +10 animal handling from AEG if you want to use trained animals you have to make handle rolls to get them to attack and such, the whip plus the collar of Obayence (Cadv) 1500gp -5 DC for handle checks can make a low level person pretty darn good at it

Something to consider if you really want that pet shark.


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