Jack Dawton

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Character Name: Jack Dawton, Street Urchin.
Race: 'I'm a little boy, guv'nor.'
Class(es): 'Never attended none, not that I know anyhow'
Description of Character Build: Slight, slim, a touch dirty, and prickly as a pear. Rogue, rogue, rogue and a dash of rogue with some rogue on the side.


Shimmy's Knife

Originally Posted by WW
In the past in Fairhaven there have been incidents where children have been attacked and killed by guard animals. A small group of wealthy women in the city, headed by one Lucretia Sylvannia Ameltine VanMorian, stirred up a massive public outcry about this. Right now, it would occur to Jack that he is currently enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Lucretia VanMorian is the wife of one of the powerful VanMorian family. Her husband is not very important to the family itself (2nd cousin to Baron Toma VanMorian or some such) but the name holds much weight in the city. The VanMorian Estate is located in Oldhaven.
Dirk, well you wrack your brain a bit but then you make the connection.
Jaroslav Dirk raises dogs and hunting animals for the wealthy of Fairhaven on his farm in Blaenville. He also raises racing dogs, Greyhound racing being a popular local sport.

He must be breeding some fighting animals for Mardens rings or for sale as well. Momma and he have a rivalry and the events of last night will only serve to fuel that heat.

I'm not sure if you recall Sarah, the girl from our Artful Dodger's backstory who took care of the Fishhouse Crew, the only family Jack Dawton ever felt he had, who was killed by the Kirling Brotherhood.

Well, our young Jack has had his ear to the street, and been doing a bit of research, seen? And what he's scanned is that his little girl, Sarah, could be brought back to life, but it would require major mojo and money. Money he don't have. So it has just become our young ragamuffin and rascal's goal in life to gain enough money/power/leverage to prevail upon some god to bring Sarah back to life. Perhaps gaining a little revenge on the Kirling Brotherhood at the same time wouldn't be a sour way to go 'bout it...

Well, anyway, take that how you wilt, and weave it into your machiavellian webs. But I warn ye: Should Jack Dawten succeed in raising the redoubtable Sarah, he do love her, and having a real family, perhaps Momma Toki him and Sarah, or others, would matter to him more than any hijinks or revenge or such.

Also, my starting gear shall be the clothes on his back, a set of rusted picks, and a sorry excuse for a knife he traded a fake gold pocketwatch to Shimmy for. *bows* I wish you good night.

Posted from PM. ^_^.

Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 5, 5 (Total = 10)

Favour Table

Favours Owed:

Small favours owed:

Owe ol' Welliam the second story man one small favour for telling me about Big Barry's girlfriend and where he came from.
low-tier greenarm, street brat and pocket
Shimmy for the loan o' his knife.
Owes Nimru the fortune teller information worth 10gp.
Owes Matreska the Valian for hiding him when the
City Guard. 'Patrollers'
'trollers were after him.
a small/young greenarm
Riprap for backing him up in a confrontation with some
Non-ganged street children.
Owes Patroller Valescu a lunch.
Owes Mern the bread merchant in the north quarter six loaves of bread.
Owes Somerset and his bunch a favour
Owes Brother Paullus at the Pelorian Mission for a night out of the rain and a few coppers.
Owes a young urchin daredevil named Malarney for covering him when his luck went sour one night.
Owes Talfor the Greb six gold pieces.

Medium Favours Owed:

Owes Green Willy for taking him in and offering him a lieutenant's spot.

Large Favours Owed:



Small Favours:


Medium Favours:


Large Favours:

Big Barry owes Jack his life.


WW asked me to help develop a number of the local organizations and integrate local characters and characters with local connections.

Please give me a quick rundown on who you (character) are, where you've been and where you're going; I'll provide some suggestions including developing contacts and locations based on your input.


Most of what you need to know is in my first post in this thread - that I just edited. In 'background'.

As for the rest:

Contacts: Various. The Artful Dodger knows everyone and everybody. I could make a list, but it'd take a while and infringe far too much on setting. Like, Jack Dawten knows most underworld peoples, at least those friendly to urchins and street children/not above buying the occasional filched goods/ those not immune to his not somewhat inconsiderable charms and ability to get into places he really shouldn't be.

Locations: Umm, again, various. The Dodger is a bit of a personality, and he gets around. I'm not saying he has a web of spies in every endeavour, but he gets to know people, and those people know people, and those people know people... etc. Probably the most affiliated location at the moment would be the Flophouse, given more information on in the background up there. ^

Where he is: Currently, lairing in the flophouse and planning/hoping/wishing some way to make the money to get Sarah raised from the dead by the priests of Nerull. He has spend roughly six months there, moping and chasing up information, eventually getting clued in that people can be raised from the dead if sufficient moolah and chutzpa can be obtained.

Yars. Anyway, specific questions are better, cause I don't want to write out the whole background again. ^_^

Oh yes. I mentioned a custom feat. This is it, and it is meant to represent Jack Dawton's contacts in the city.

Kustom Feat:

Ear to the Street

While in a city that you have been living in for at least as many days as the DC of the Gather Information check you are seeking to make, you may make one gather information check per day that does not require you to spend the appropriate amount of time gathering information from sources as long as you spend at least that amount of time moving through the city on other tasks.

You must spend several hours and a few gold pieces to gather information, amount of time and money may increase as the DC's increase.

Largely unfinished, but here you go: Jack Dawton.

Originally Posted by Rejakor View Post
Contacts: Various. The Artful Dodger knows everyone and everybody. I could make a list, but it'd take a while and infringe far too much on setting.
Make a list. It may need modification, but will serve as a guideline for us.

Infringe away, if it pleases you. That's the sort of thing I was looking for from the locals.

Your contact list may be consolidated into an Affiliation.

I'd particularly like to see details on the other urchins. You'd have a lot of freedom creating this group.

Remember there is a distinction between who Jack knows and is friendly with, and his contacts under the contact rules.

There is a maximum of two traits and two flaws, as per the rules outlined in the SRD.


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