Jack Dawton

Dum de dum?

Jack asks around. Sadly, no one knows anything. Or, at least, no one admits to knowing anything.

To Momma Toki!

Your household source of information nomenclatural.

You are added to the thread for Momma Toki's. Momma is getting ready to leave and visit the Greb.
The shop is open at the moment. Brrurik is at the counter and will motion you through to the back where there is a lot of activity.

You may post your entrance to the Momma Toki thread whenever you please.


Still working on that sheet? Keep me posted with what's up with Jack. He's dug up some major plotline that the others don't have access too, so I have a vested interest in seeing him stay in the game.

Con over weekend.


Will return...revitalized...from...the...grave...


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