Jack Dawton

Okay. No worries there, traits were mainly for flavour.

Hmm... design npc's? Yes... yes... oh yes...

Moo hah hah.



... umm... sorta had a flash-sideways to DM'ing there, sorry bout that.

Go nuts with it, really. I'll probably use most of what you come up with.

Oh yeah, what rules are we using for childness? I thought it was an age category, but apparently if you aren't 15 years old... you can't be a PC...

According to the dmg, anyway. Damn dirty core rules.

According to your height as given, 4'6 if I recall correctly, you still qualify as size medium.

No penalties.

There are rules for hordes of urchins in Cityscape, btw, but I haven't read them yet.

'Summon Urchin Swarm'

Heheheh. Actually, he's 4'2"... cause I measured 4'6" and it was a bit high for what I was thinking of Dawten...

I dunno. Call it medium and shrug? But you'd think there'd be some attribute changes... lower strength for one thing... mneh.

I would. But I don't have rules for it. They had them for 1st ed.

Sooo.... just house rule it? Leave it as medium?

Also, i'm going to go ahead and design the urchin 'gangs' and structure. Am I right in assuming that the Kirling Brotherhood occasionally stomped on the urchins but otherwise left them alone?

Size small ends at 3'8, size Medium begins at 3'9, as per PHB.

That makes him Medium, yep 4'2" is over 3'9" yer medium kid.
How old are you making him?
Since there are no aging rules for younger.
I don't think they would be good for a pc to have child stat adjustments most of them would be penalties. Best leave him as short and young.

You can arrange your 32 point buy to reflect the character's age.


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