Jack Dawton


Is that... too many?

I kinda just looked at the photo, and said 'hmm. How many points of charisma does that child have?'

14 seemed to fit.

I have no idea what she's talking about. I'm convinced that Ducy is insane.

I can work with that.

14 me arse has a 14 I mean Momma Toki has a 14 and she has -2 racial. Kids should have a 16 at least ya lovable cuss ya. Remember all those skills based on cha!

But the point buy... I only have so many points...

arrrgh! I'm an int rogue, not a cha rogue! *dies*

So am I.


Working on my char sheet. Can I take these two flaws?

City Slicker and Frail. Basically to represent Jack's urbanosity and smaller size compared to most characters.

Also, is this feat allowable? Riposte.

Other than confirming those feats, i'm about done.

Sorry but, no on Riposte for a couple of reasons. The flaws will have to be double checked by WW but I think they will be a no as well.

1. Dragon is not allowed.
2. Int 13, Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +5
your 1 BAB too low to take it sorry.

Hrmmm I see.

So all dragon is disallowed? Can I design my own flaws then? Since there's not many from UA, and most of them seemed to be aimed at fighters/wizards.

Also, i'm searching for the clickable map. Do you know where it is?


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