Jack Dawton

I'm seriously considering taking levels of swashbuckler and Daring Outlaw.

Hmm... skill points... bab... skill points.... int to damage... hmm.


I would suspect the answer to that question is likewise no based on the custom feat question answered earlier.

Final ruling is WW's.

Dah Local Niet Life:

The Greenarm Gang - This gang of the best pockets and (urchin)thieves in all of fairhaven is led by none other than Green Willy, whose legendary luck has taken him through more scrapes than anyone can poke a stick at. They have been working the east side and markets ever since Green Willy founded the gang 5 years ago. Recently they have begun something almost like a cheap protection racket for stallholders in most of the markets selling them a small token that is valid for a period of time and makes their stall and customers not a target for the Greenarms thievery.

Green Willy - Getting old for an urchin on the streets, Green Willy, now almost 16, has been on the streets since he was young, and is famed for his legendary good luck. He offered Dawton a spot in the Greenarm Gang as a pocketer, with the intimation of a fast track to lieutenantship, and even after Jack politely refused made it clear that it was an open offer and took pains to remain friendly with 'Perilous Jack Dawton', having a quiet word with the greenarm bouncers at the Flophouse, the warehouse he runs for homeless children without a gang to bed down in, so that Jack wouldn't be turfed out while he went about his strange information gathering.

Black Abby and the Starving Rats - Working the docks and a small portion of the west side, Black Abby and the Starving Rats are some of the toughest dockside urchins. They were started about two years ago by a small girl with black hair nicknamed Black Abby who has a dark reputation. In a squabble over territory in a southside market, Black Abby and some of her 'Rats', beat off some Greenarms, killing two of them in the process, a boy called Noah and one of Green Willy's lieutenants, Jachary, rumoured to be his brother. Whether or not that is true is unknown, but ever since that day Green Willy has harboured a hatred for Black Abby and her Wharf Rats, savagely leading raids against them when they've come too close to Greenarm territory. Although Black Abby is currently safe in the docklands, due to her knowledge of the local area and alliances with the blue boys and the bouncers of the tavern she and her rats lair in, neither she nor any of her gang can enter any of the markets or the east side, which is severely crimping her opportunities to gain coin.

Grove Street Bandits - Based in the Meridian Run, named Grove Street Bandits for some
Ten years ago
prehistory reason, the Grove Street Bandits are an unruly group of commoner and some middle class children playing at being a gang, pocketing and thieving. Up until recently, they were little more than a club, but recently they've added some older boys to their numbers and are wielding clubs, with great vigor. Their slogan of 'urchins out!' has sparked anger in many other gangs.

Southbottom Crew - A small gang composed of mostly unwanted children of fishing families or byblows of sailors, they've been mostly unchanged for the past 10 years, older urchins joining ship's crews or marrying and settling down, and younger boys joining the gang for the same reasons. A lot of older boys and men look out for the gang, so generally they don't live on the edge in the way a lot of other gangs do. Currently led by Pietr the Fox, a gypsy boy. They were approached by Black Abby to help fight against the Greenarms, but declined, remaining neutral. Based in Southbottom Docks.

The Malwick Irregulars - Based in Malwick, this ancient group of rapscallions enjoy raising hell, often led by their semi-military leader Ruthless Ranaud Raile, who enjoys arson and torturing small animals, among other things. Despite their unwholesome ways, they have little interaction with the rest of the gangs, not often venturing out of their territory.

The Blue Boys - Based in Maingate, the Blue Boys, led by Blue O'Malley, are a fairly standard urchin gang, apart from Blue sticking his neck out to ally with Black Abby against the Greenarms, cutting his blue boys off from a source of revenue and putting them in danger. There are rumours that some of his 'boys' are getting rebellious and Blue has been forced to harsh measures to keep them in line.

Rest of the contacts to follow.

Here's how I see a 'named' urchin gang working in fairhaven - between 20 and 40 members, lairing in a central, easily defended location to their territory with multiple escape routes, led by a charismatic urchin leader, with the mantle of leadership being passed on or earned according to the customs of the individual gang.

As well as the ones named, there are numerous (12-20 or so) un-named urchin gangs at any one time, as well as gangless urchins (who tend to have a hard time of it). These smaller gangs usually operate on the edge of a big gangs territory, or hold a smaller area, between 8-20 members, usually the gang is named after the leader, who formed it.

And now i'm off.

Too many urchins? Too few? If it's 20,000 people... I dunno, aye.

The Flophouse - A deserted warehouse converted into living quarters for the 'little'uns' and down-on-their-luck street urchins by the Greenarm Gang. Patrolled by Greenarm bouncers who 'encourage' anyone staying there too long to move on to make room for new people. On the left block of houses in the blackbeam map the slightly larger building half way up the strip?

Oh yes, the greenarn gang is the largest gang, with 80-100 members. Which is why they are able to control the markets (mostly) and keep Black Abby and the Blue Boys pent up in the docks.

I have raised the population after doing a bit of historical research. It is now appx. 50,000.

No custom anything. I believe it is unfair to allow some players access to stuff others have no way of accessing, and if I allow one person to write their own material, then I have to let everyone do it. The amount of work involved in seriously considering the game balance and mechanic issues for every piece of custom writing would be overwhelming. No dragon magazine because, although I have many issues, looking stuff up in them is a pain. Realmshelps is occasionally inaccurate.

I have a very wide selection of sources that I will allow or consider material from. The selection of Flaws is very limited, but I do not have the time to consider expanding them.

If this game were smaller in scale, I would consider more customization, but I need to know everything that's going on in my game, and my poor brain is only so big and already cluttered up with other details.

No worries. Just means Dawton is going to have flaws that are weird/don't make sense. Which I don't particularly mind. That negative to handle animal was going to be a pain dealing with momma toki.

What do you think of the urchins so far? I'm going to add a few of Dawton's non-urchin contacts soon. I was distracted applying for WitchWolf's game (another WW ><) tonight.

I might have to up the numbers of the urchin gangs, the greenarms to 300 or so, the normal 'named' gangs to 60-80, the unnamed gangs to 20-40 and increase the numbers of the unnamed gangs, totally about 1000 or so urchins in the city. Does that sound right? 500 urchins? 2000?

I think they look fantastic. I'll get back to you in more detail ASAP.


Anyway. I have to finish up my sheet, anyway. Sorry. Joining several games plus irl is heating up, therefore going is slow.

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