awww shucks....thanks Deucy....
So have I missed something in the mass of posts as to what the character creation guidlelines are?

They are upcoming tonight I think. If you missed them so did I she posted house rules so far but not the guidelines AFAIK.


WW asked me to help develop a number of the local organizations and integrate local characters and characters with local connections.

Please give me a quick rundown on who you (character) are, where you've been and where you're going; I'll provide some suggestions including developing contacts and locations based on your input.


DMs please note my signature.

1) One thing that I am interested in is the possibility of Cymmeiian being a part of an organization of "Secret-Keepers" founded perhaps by the church of Vecna (see second question) or by some form of authority. The basic idea is that there are some secrets/issues/histories of Fairhaven and/or the local government that are entrusted to this group and the secrets are passed down to another 'Keeper' when one dies. A fixed number of Keepers is always maintained and the church of Vecna is always keeping tabs on who would make a suitable replacement in the case that one dies. One possible idea is that there is a presence/entity/being that wants something to do with the footholds of power in Fairhaven and the Keepers were formed to find every skeleton in its closet and maintain a running line of history on said presence.

2) How big of a church/following are we talking about in terms of devotion to Vecna? I see it as more of an underground/occult thing here but if you were interested in going larger with it then I would be fine with that as well.

Underground would be best.

Because of the complexity of this game, I'm hoping for as much creative input on such things as locals are willing to put in.

However, I see from your sig that you might not be able to participate fully at the present time, so we'll do what we can.

If you do have any ideas, feel free to post them here and we'll give them serious consideration.

Well, what do you think of the 'Secret-Keeper' idea as an abstract? I have no problems developing it with ya'll DMs if you are cool with it.

WW, I am sending you a PM now too.

Here is an update for Ducy and Bats...
Originally Posted by Wonder Woman
I get SO many PMs that it's better we move the conversation to your private thread.

Also, the other DMs are helping me with the various organizations in the city... it's all very complex... and it would be best if they were aware of what we're doing.

Originally Posted by laiced
Originally Posted by Wonder Woman
Yes. Let's discuss it there. It does not have to have anything to do with the Kirling Brotherhood.
Well, I really have no preferance as to whom I am a mole for (be it the Brotherhood or for the people who hold true power over Fairhaven) but Cymmeiian's unique skillset should allow him several advantages for uncovering information needed to stop a new rise in power. I could be an informant that would uncover key information for whomever holds power in Fairhaven (do you know/ could you tell me who that is?) so that they can set up ambushes/ways to deal with the moves from both the Brotherhood and the Fellowship.

I guess I just need to know who holds jurisdictional power over Fairhaven (or perhaps who is looking to clean up Fairhaven and possibly take control over it) and then that will give me a bit more direction as to how to do this.

Another possible scenario would be that a third group is also trying to gain a foothold in Fairhaven and I could be a part of that group. Something along the lines of 'learn what your competition is going to do and do it bigger and better, sooner. Take their key plans in growing their power/business and then just beat them to the punch. This, of course, could play in well with the 'Secret-keeper' idea that I have been tossing around.

Should we stay in PMs with this or should we move it to my private thread so the co-DMs can see it as well? If you want this to be a me and you thing I am totally fine with that as well.

yeah, sorry, I copied and pasted the wrong message...the above post has been edited to show the correct message.


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