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Co-dm doesn't need to know unless she is involved
This was from a PM... I asked laiced to bring it here. Otherwise I'd lose track of it. Also, if stuff happens in the discussion that y'all need to be apprised of, I can point you to the exact post.

Well then, I guess as soon as you three can answer my questions about who the figurehead(s) is/are for Fairhaven then I will beable to come up with some more concrete ideas. Is it one person (a king or the likes) or an elected offficial(s) or several co-existing guild factions?

Short answer, it's an oligarchy... under the rule of the wealthiest merchants.

Long answer is coming tonight.

I iwll wait for the long answer to get detailed but I can totaly see Cymmeiian working for small group of (purposefully) disenfranchised merchant rulers. his job is to find out what types of happenings are going on behind the scenes and who in the shadows is trying to assert themselves in Fairhaven as a threat. This would mean that Cymmeiian, potentialy, has already been planted into the Brotherhood as a mole and the Brotherhood is wishing to plant Cymmeiian into the Fellowship. A triple agent if you will. Perhaps a realtive is one of the ruling merchants (favorite aunt/uncle) in Fairhaven and has entrusted Cymmeiian with unlocking every secret of Fairhaven (their own highly-intelligent way of convincing Cymm to work for them...playingon his obsessions and all).

Nice. I like it. I'll get you the info you need as quickly as I can.

My thought on the relative contact who is one of the merchant powers:

Baroness Laima Ragana the Duchess (purposefully pompous and a bit self-defeating)
Laima is nothing short of a beautiful seductress and cold blooded businesswoman. Witha bat of her eyes the rich sign over deeds to their meager estates just to tempt Fate and be allowed to court her. Laima's legend in Fairhaven goes a little something like this:
"Oy, I know ov'er. The we li'il las is like poison in the ear if'n you catch'ma drift. Some say that she has left a battlefield graveyard of former suitors, teasin and temptin them with curves'n'eyes and those damn pouty lips. Sure, she deals in good of the exotic, totin' over pottery from Cumbria and tapestries from Tiverton but her wealth has nuttin' to do wif'dat stuff, y'see? Laima....excuse me, The Duchess has done well these past seven years in Fairhaven. E'ry young man of influence has traveled here hoping that the curse would not apply to them and e'ry one of them has either gone loonie, whichin'be good as dead for purps'es of this tale, or they realy be dead. I tell you one thing if'n you ask me. I wouldn't s'much as raise an eye to that siren."

Laima would be my human aunt who has gone through much trouble to keep our ancestry a secret. She uses Cymmeiian as a way to break her suitors and uncover hidden stashes of family heirlooms, relics and gold. As soon as the goods are discovered Laima ships them off of to a contact of hers in (insert another large town like Fairhaven) where a hefty profit is turned. Some of Laima's exotic goods are of similar background and gathered by similar methods from her contact.

I am starting my CS tonight. I have been sick and I had anotehr hseet for another game that is due by tonight so that had to be my priority. I appologize but I have the day off tomorrow so much workings will be done.

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I am starting my CS tonight. I have been sick and I had anotehr hseet for another game that is due by tonight so that had to be my priority. I appologize but I have the day off tomorrow so much workings will be done.
No problem.

Any thoughts on Baroness Laima Ragana the Duchess?

Also, is there a certain spot that would work better than others for my mortuary? Is there a graveyard in the area? My thoughts were that there is a scenic graveyard less than a mile outside of Fairhaven proper and that Cymmeiian uses these grounds (unless requested by the family of the deceased of course) as the spot of importing/exporting. I was hoping ot know a Druid as well; someone who can help magically move earth with ease. The idea is that a normal burial takes place, ceremony and all, but the casket has the illegal goods inside of it. Under the cover of night, Cymmeiian and his druid contact return and the druid wiggles his finger, the grave is relieved of the earth and the casket is opened to retrieve the goods...another finger is wiggled and the earth returns to its former state of covering the coffin.


She may be inherently too high a level of Aristocrat for the Contact rules... however, that doesn't mean she can't be a personal contact not using the Contact rules... meaning the mechanic wouldn't apply, but the role-play aspect would, if you catch my meaning.


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