Original Post of CymmeiianName: Cymmeiian
Race: Half-Drow
Class: Cleric devoted to Vecna, Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden
Progression Possibilities: Looking into Master of Shrouds(Libris Mortis p. 46) or Death Delver (Heroes of Horror p.93) PrCs
Cymmeiian's human half is a result of his mother's weakness for foreigners; his drow half, a result of his father's love of weak human women. There is nothing remarkable about Cymmeiian in terms of height or weight and his features are very common for a half-drow. White hair that shines silvery when light strikes it correctly, ruby-flecked amethyst eyes and a dusty pallor to his skin. Cymmeiian finds himself wearing deep grey leathers adorned with excellently embroidered patterns of smoke, spirits and hands holding eyes; a long trench coat is never far away and on special occasions a tall top hat crowns him. The devoted of Vecna also adorns a masterfully inked tattoo of an eye on the inside of his left palm. The same symbol appears in numerous places on Cymmeiian's clothing and belongings.
A man disowned for his childhood-induced curiosities.
Straight-forward (almost blunt) with a poker face
A cynical sense of humor
Feverish exploration into the knowledge of Dying
Methodical in his practices, Maniacal in his passion for his practices
The family business has been bodies (hey, its what morticians deal with) and Cymmeiian grew up with stiffs lying about, patiently waiting for rouge. He has been bored with death and bodies for over half of his life but finds the means to death the most intriguing subject imaginable. Over the years Cymmeiian studied everything that he could find that was dying, starring deeply into the eyes of the ill-fated and gleaning all the morbid wonders and perverse secrets that he could. Eventually he discovered that with a mere touch he could help prolong the dying's last breaths or take a perfectly healthy dog and bring it to its last wheezing moments. That magical connection began to grow and strengthen as Cymmeiian began researching dreams of his own; a one-handed skeleton holding an eye haunted him for months until he discovered the name behind the dreams. Vecna. The Master of All That Is Secret and Hidden laid dark blessings upon the half-breed, seeing an intense lust for the secrets that a dying man will tell. Cymmeiian has truly become devout is his worship.
Cymmeiian has become a master of Dying (and all studies pertaining to) and his perverse methods has began to build up a reputation as a vile torturer. Certain people have employed Cymmeiian to aid in the retrieval of information that only one who is on their deathbed would divulge. Those times are great (and profitable) for him but the work is unsteady and so Cymmeiian has struck up his own mortuary. Business, as suspected, has been steady but the man obsessed with the last flickers of Life has other activities running as well. Cymmeiian runs a drug and illicit goods racket through his mortuary, using bodies, coffins and poor, mourning customers as vessels of transportation.
Cymmeiian's reputation spread quickly to all parties interested in such skills and soon enough the mortician-by-day was hired on an almost regular basis by the Fellowship. The Fellowship's need for information vital to the destruction of the Brotherhood allowed for large paydays and studies most fascinating. Quickly one thing became quite apparent though; members of the Brotherhood were willing to take some secrets to the grave. Desperate for keystone information, the Fellowship began teaming the interrogator-by-night up with drug dealers and hallucination-inducing arcanists to remove loyalty factors from the equation. The plan has be working with encouraging results.
Naughty Business Summarized:
Secrets, Torture, Interrogation (by way of Torture), Blackmail, Smuggling (drugs, illegal goods(magical and mundane)), grave robbing. Cymmeiian is a front man with a legit business.

Originally Posted by laiced View Post
Also, is there a certain spot that would work better than others for my mortuary? Is there a graveyard in the area? My thoughts were that there is a scenic graveyard less than a mile outside of Fairhaven proper and that Cymmeiian uses these grounds (unless requested by the family of the deceased of course) as the spot of importing/exporting. I was hoping ot know a Druid as well; someone who can help magically move earth with ease. The idea is that a normal burial takes place, ceremony and all, but the casket has the illegal goods inside of it. Under the cover of night, Cymmeiian and his druid contact return and the druid wiggles his finger, the grave is relieved of the earth and the casket is opened to retrieve the goods...another finger is wiggled and the earth returns to its former state of covering the coffin.
I just wanted to readdress this issue as it may play into my choice of a contact.

The minimum caster level for the Move Earth spell is 11th. Access to a Contact of that level would be gained around 33rd level. Contacts are approximately 1/3rd your level.

You also may be friendly with NPCs of varying levels, but you cannot rely on them as regularly as a Contact. A Contact, by game mechanic, is generally always willing to help you out.

You are welcome to discuss and design friendly NPCs, but an 11th level caster would probably have better things to do.

There is a graveyard outside the city. I haven't placed it on the map. I'm thinking it's just off the map. I'll pick an exact area at a later date.

Feel free to give me any input you like on the graveyard.

I guess that I was thinking of some loose interpretation of the Stone Shape, more for RPing purposes than anything else.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a rules lawyer. I try not to let it get in the way of RP, but I do like to stick to the rules.

So do we need to establish some form of income for my business as a mortician? I just need to know what sort of revenue my funeral home will be generating as a way to judge my possible loan(s).

Also, what about Brotherhood funding? They are setting me up to be a mole, perhaps they would have offered advanced funding?

Also, you mentioned earlier that there was a cemetery outside of the city proper. What districts are located near that cemetery or what compass point should I be looking towards when I decide on a district for my funeral home?

Would my estimations be correct on the following?

I am looking for a funeral home that is twice as wide with storefront and twice as deep as normal. I want one upper level (used as Cymmeiian's house) and two levels below.

here is how I have it priced.

Fancy Workplace     2000
extra width          800
x2 to account for extra width as well
extra depth 800 one upper level 400 first lower 400 second lower 1000 -------------------------- Total 4400
Also, how do I go about pricing up the second lower level as a secret area with magical locks and nondetection wards?

Do you have the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook?

I've seen your questions and will get back to you ASAP.

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