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Also, you mentioned earlier that there was a cemetery outside of the city proper. What districts are located near that cemetery or what compass point should I be looking towards when I decide on a district for my funeral home?
I'll give you a hand with picking out a location ASAP.

Regarding the Secret Keepers... is this separate from Brotherhood connections?

Also, I have created a separate thread in the private threads folder for discussion of the Secret Keepers. I'll be changing the name though, because I don't want it to show up in people's UserCPs.

yeah, the secret keepers was just a working name, feel free to change it to something more dynamic.

In terms of that organization being separate, yes they are. The main people that I work for are the secret-keepers (a private crew for the merchant leaders) who have asked me to infiltrate the Brotherhood. After burrowing in to the Brotherhood and establishing myself as an eliciter of secrets and a part-time smuggler they, in turn, asked me to burrow in to the Fellowship as they begin making power-moves in Fairhaven.

Also, I am sort of at a loss as to who to use for my contact. I was thinking of someone with Fairhaven's guards. I like the idea of having someone on the inside who can tell me when shift changes and the likes will be so that my 'grave-robbing' can be a bit easier.

It looks like I will not be able to get my hands on a Stronghold Builder's Guidebook. Sorry.

I am looking into different enchantments for my dagger at the moment, trying to get a nice little surprise cooked up for anyone who wishes me ill
Other than the last of my equipment I just have to decide on domains.


Just as an FYI, I will most likely not be able to post this evening at all due to school. This is the first week and I have been out of class for a year now, so I need to reestablish a routine (plus I already have a great deal of homework).
I do, however, have time this weekend to make my finishing touches on Cymmeiian.

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