Father Silas Taro

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Character Concept/Background

Picture: Forthcoming...
Character Name: Father Silas Taro
Race: Human
Class(es): Cleric
Description of Character Build: Still under consideration.

Immaculately kept long, black hair adorns the kind, gentle face of Silas. He dresses most often in full religious regalia and his clerics vestments are pristine and well cared for. His armor is well-polished, and his boots are kept shined. The hands of Father Silas are soft and caring, and his voice is comfort.

Until he needs to extract information...

Sila's true demeanor becomes apparent when he puts a poor soul to questioning. The once gentle face becomes hardened and stern, his dark eyes almost seem to glow with blackened hate. His caring hands become instruments of torture, and his voice is mocking hatred.

Silas had been an acolyte of the Church for many years before he was recruited by the Fellowship. Thus, he already had the hearts and minds of the people of Fairhaven. Recently, the head priest of the church perished in an unfortunate accident. Silas, being the most senior church-member, was elevated to the highest position in the church's hierarchy. He still owes the Fellowship for this "favor".

Criminal Role or Profession: Evangelical Inquisitor. From his podium, Silas delivers sermons designed to intimidate the masses, sowing seeds of guilt among them.

From his position in the church, Silas hears the deepest, darkest secrets of confessors. Those secrets he does not hear, he extracts. The information he gathers is often used as leverage or blackmail. The offerings given freely by the faithful are funneled to the Fellowship as well.

Being a moral pillar of the community has other benefits to the organization as well, and Silas has a talent for getting authoritative figures to "look the other way", whether through bribery or religious threats, or even blackmail.

Over the years, Silas has also been perverting the word of his "god", twisting it here and there ever so slightly. His ultimate goal is to bring the entire community to worship his demonic patron, whether they are aware of it or not.

So, you are subverting a local church toward your own demon-lord?

What god is the church you are subverting dedicated to?

Do you still wish to keep the Fellowship connection?

I am thinking of going with Mouqol. Is there a source for this deity?

I have not yet decided which demon (or devil) Silas favors. I have both fiendish codices and will make a decision soon, hopefully tomorrow.

I intend to still maintain the Fellowship connection, unless you have a really cool plot hook or reason why he shouldn't. This character is just play-doh right now. So many possibilities.

I have swapped out Mouqol for Zilchus because of Zilchus's relationship to Procan (son-in-law of Procan). I posted that someplace, but there's so much activity, I don't blame you for missing it!

Here's the info on Zilchus:

(The Great Guildmaster, the Money Counter), LN intermediate god of Power, Prestige, Money, Business, and Influence

Zilchus (ZIL-chus) is a popular god, depicted as a well-dressed man of plain appearance but great wealth. Husband of Sotillion, brother of Kurell, ally of Rao, Zilchus has many contacts that reflect his ability to establish relationships that are vital to any businessman. A busy god, he has little time for frivolous pursuits, but is knowledgeable in such things because it allows him to influence others. He acts as a dealmaker between gods, finalizing agreements once Rao convinces warring parties to talk. His symbol is hands clutching a bag of gold.

In the world of men, the desire for money can be overwhelming. Control that desire in yourself and exploit it in others—that is the key to success and power. Anything done in the world can be done better for a profit, and those who recognize these opportunities are one step ahead of any competition. Politics and war are simply two other forms of trade, one using a currency of words and the other lives; the trick is to spend yours more efficiently than your opponent.

Zilchus’ clerics are ruthless in business and often seen as emotionless. They are heavily involved in business and politics, and conduct deals above or below the table depending upon their disposition. They work for powerful merchants, trade and crafts guilds, politicians, or nations, making transactions and garnering prestige for themselves and their employers. Neophytes get less glorious jobs, such as managing caravans or remote businesses, but some are hired to participate in high-risk but potentially profitable enterprises such as smuggling contraband and adventuring.

Domains Knowledge, Law, Trickery; Weapons dagger

Hmm..the Law and Knowledge domains would be perfect gateways into the diabolical world he will enter later. Zilchus sounds very interesting. Now, to find a Devil that would be a good choice...

Lord of the Third: Mammon the Viscount

Mammon, the Lord of the Third, rules over the layer of Minauros. He rules from the center of the city of Minauros, inhabiting a mausoleum-like structure of vast proportions. He is an archdevil who resembles a thirty-foot-long serpent with a humanoid head, arms, and torso. He also wields a harpoon-like spear. Mammon may also assume the form of a pit fiend at will.

During the Reckoning, a failed rebellion against Asmodeus, Mammon allied with Dispater and Mephistopheles against Asmodeus. When Asmodeus finally proved victorious, Mammon was the first to abase himself before him, gaining the enmity of the other Lords. Aware that he has exhausted the hells of allies, Mammon has focused on subverting mortals on the Material Plane via his cults, and using them to wage economic warfare against goodly states there.

Mammon's cult among mortals is one of the largest of the nine archdukes. As a patron of greed and lust, temples to Mammon are ostentatious displays of wealth and obscene plenty, with every surface and ritual implement made of gold and encrusted with gems.

Mammon enjoys subverting evil dragons to his cause, a fact Tiamat keenly resents.

Mammon was once lover to Glasya, and since her elevation the diabolical rumor mills have been working overtime. Some devils contend that the two have rekindled their awful union now that Glasya is out from beneath Asmodeus' watchful eye, while others assert that Glasya harbors burning hatred for the serpentine archduke over his refusal to fight for her love.

Mammon's touch inspires overpowering greed and lust for treasure in his opponents, causing them to attack allies and friends in a wild attempt to steal their valuables.


WW asked me to help develop a number of the local organizations and integrate local characters and characters with local connections.

Please give me a quick rundown on who you (character) are, where you've been and where you're going; I'll provide some suggestions including developing contacts and locations based on your input.



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