Lenna Sha'am

Not yet, she hasn't arrived. Lenna's a newcomer to the city, though she's visited before and knows people there.

Thanks for the info above. Also, here are my Knowledge tags.

[spoiler=Knowledge][DICE=Intelligence]1d20+4[/DICE] [DICE=Local]1d20+8[/DICE][/spoiler]

Posting Conventions look just fine to me - please let me know if I slip up in any way.

I'll get to work on my character sheet - sources, monetary values for items, etc, as soon as I can. I also just realized that I never decided what to do with my CP!

You can save them. Or you can spend xp to increase them.

Here are all the pesky numerical details for my character sheet.

+1 Buckler – 1,015gp
Shitweave of Resistance +1 – 1,500gp
Headband of Intellect +2 – 4,000gp
Heward’s Handy Haversack – 2,000gp
Daggers (2) – 4gp
Shortbow and arrows – 31gp
Bedroll – 1sp
Flasks (2) – 6 cp
Flint and steel – 1gp
Manacles – 15gp
Mirror, small steel – 10gp
Rope, silk (50 ft.) – 10gp

Skill Mods:
+2 to Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perform from Jaebrin race
+1 to Diplomacy from Polite trait
+1 to Gather Info from Easygoing trait
-3 to Intimidate from Polite and Easygoing traits
-1 to Sense Motive from Easygoing trait

level 4 stat boost into Intelligence

for now, I'll choose to save my CP.

I was not prompting for a die roll... I had made secret rolls for the entire party using sheetdice tags. You got a nat 20. What to Roll and When is on the bottom of the first post in Posting Conventions, in spoiler tags.

Aha! Thanks for the clarification, and directions. And here's to more rolls like that first!


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