Lenna Sha'am

Although, now that I think of it, you would be entitled to a Knowledge roll using your code in the roster. I should have thought of it, but I'm a tiny bit frazzled at the moment. lol

You can paste it in at the bottom of your last post if you like.

No worries, WW - you're obviously putting a TON of effort into this game, and we all appreciate it so much - don't worry if a few things pass you by. Now, before I roll that Knowledge check (thanks!), I want to double check the format - since it's regarding private text, Ill put the roll in private text; the roll itself will be in an sblock with reminder text clearly tying the roll to some specific action or circumstance. Right?

Err... what's an sblock? I don't understand in this context.

Putting it in private tags because it refers to private tag information is indeed the best way to do it.

Sorry, I'm getting my html syntaxes confused. On some sites, spoiler tags are referred to (and coded as) sblocks. So: as above, but in spoiler tags?

Right, of course. My mistake.

Why do I have a feeling that the DC is higher than 13...especially when a natural 20 only allowed me to notice that his movements were oddly stiff? Oh well.

Your knowledge code should include spellcraft. I didn't double-check when I copied it. Sorry.

/goes and edits roll

EDIT: I've crossed the DC 15 threshold! We'll see, I suppose. Those extra skill points from CP are looking more and more attractive...but feats are so useful! Rrg.

Also, to save you that tiny bit of trouble, here's the code for Lenna's Spellcraft checks. [DICE=Spellcraft]1d20+5[/DICE]

Thanks. I'll fix it. I have more Knowledge code to post in the roster. I'll grab yours when I get the others.

Note that the Captain's Mistress does not offer a meaning for the card she reveals to you.

I do read Tarot. This is a true reading in that the card drawn for you was selected randomly, using the MW dice in my private rolling thread.

You are welcome to research the meaning of the card in-game. It will have game effect.

If you have a knowledge skill you think would apply, feel free to roll it.


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