Lenna Sha'am

Note regarding Tarot:

1. As mentioned, I do know Tarot, though I'm not a believer in fortune telling. Tarot, though, is fascinating. The deck I used (Rider-Waite) is full of masonic symbolism, which I'm re-interpreting for use in this game. There is an in-game meaning related to, but separate from, the intent of the author of the cards. Some of the symbolism will be used throughout the game.
2. I drew a card for everyone, but only those who chose to look will have a chance to find out what it means in my game universe, and what events will be associated with it.

Very cool. Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out in-game.

In case it wasn't already clear, the reason I described Lenna's outfit in such detail was primarily to designate it (specifically) as one of the five outfits that her Shiftweave can form. The other (so far) is the halter top/skirt/leggings from the Sea Stag. I figure I'll just let each outfit come into it's own naturally as the need arises in-game, and notify you when that happens until I've got all five set out. How's that sound? Or would you rather I made the choices now?

The shiftweave would be enchanted at the time of construction so it should already have the 5 outfits "designed" into it during creation. Please operate on that unless WW wishes to change it. So please determine the 5 outfits at this time.

Maybe be on the look out to grab a hat of disquise off the black market for those really quick odd outfits. Cheerleader, bunny etc.

I'll get cracking on the other three outfits. Medusa, good call about the Hat of Disguise; I've been thinking that just casting the spell might not be good enough for those longer missions. WW/whoever has jurisdiction over this, can I change my Headband of Intellect to Lenses of Intellect, so that if I pick up the Hat I'll be able to wear it? The Headband and Lenses are of the same affinity (head and face body slots, respectively), so it would be the same price.

Changing a slot requires the item to go up in cost, the rules are in DMG or MIC (Use MIC if they appear in both and are different) WW has allowed items slots to be changed using the upgrade costs so I am certain it is allowed in this case if you can afford it. I will try to determine the cost of the change. It is certainly cheaper to move the hat of disguise to a new slot rather than the intellect as the cost is percentage based and the Headband of intellect costs more.

A shoulder wrap of Disguise would cost 50% more (2700gp) where as a Cloak of Intellect would run you 6000 for +2

Because of body slot affinity, she can change to face. It's an appropriate body slot.

You could also, in the future, just upgrade your headband of intellect and get the properties of a hat of disguise added to it.

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