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Because of body slot affinity, she can change to face. It's an appropriate body slot.

You could also, in the future, just upgrade your headband of intellect and get the properties of a hat of disguise added to it.
Good call - but I like the idea of magical lenses if only because they are FAR easier to steal than a headband. You know, since they're attached to your eyes and all...and I get the feeling that magical contacts dont really need much saline solution, you know? Above that, I like the imagery of contacts that "activate" (glow, or something) whenever the user makes a specifically intelligent comment/casts a spell/etc. Lenses it is!

Also, one last apology for missing my initiative in combat. If you'd like me to craft the post (assuming my delayed action), let me know - otherwise, I'll just be content to act next round.

Also also, here's the full list of Lenna's Shiftweave outfits:
  • dark purple halter top, short black skirt with flaring trim, matching black leggings, thin black choker
  • deep red satin torsolette, small black vest (reaching just past bust) with short sleeves, skinny black denim pants slung low on waist to reveal black thong straps, thin black choker
  • bottom left gown found here: (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/248/5...924e3ef6_o.jpg)
  • pink silk bustier with black lace ornamentation, matching garter belt and panties, thigh-high lace tights
  • black leather catsuit with cleavage-revealing laced-up front (U-neck to belly button), thin black choker

A question about Shiftweave, O DMs: if Lenna takes off a part of the outfit, what happens to it?

You may post an action if you like. I will be posting soon, but if you get to it first, fine by me. I'm putting the outfits in the second post of your thread.

Posting now; thanks!

Question! This won't have bearing for quite some time, I shouldn't wonder, but since it's on my mind now I thought I'd ask it.

WW, when the time comes, could I delay my 6th level feat to 7th level? Here's why I ask for such a strange thing: I'd like to develop for Lenna a type of Mrs Coulter personage in the higher rungs of Fairhaven society (hopefully you've read the His Dark Materials series and get the reference; if not, I'll explain). I love the imagery and flavor of a beautiful, cultured woman with an equally beautiful animal (or, in this case, familiar) on her shoulder, and so I was thinking of picking up Obtain Familiar when I get the chance. However, I'd rather an Imp than one of the silly default animals, and so I'd also need Improved Familiar at CL 7. The reason I ask to delay my level 6 feat (Obtain Familiar) is so that I can take both feats at level seven (thanks to CP). That way I wont be walking around for a level with a raven on my shoulder, or some such. What do you think?

EDIT: I'm dumb. Just reread Obtain Familiar, and all it does technically is give me the ability to call a familiar. So really, I can just take the feat at level 6 and not utilize it until the level afterwards. That'll work.

Gosh, every time I think about this game, and Lenna (potential) development, I hope and hope that the game will survive into high levels. Here's to a good run!

A note about my posting this week - the show I'm in goes up this weekend, and so all week I'll be in heavy tech rehearsal. As such, my posting rate may very likely slow to a crawl until next week. WW, if the need arises, please feel free to NPC Lenna as nescessary.

Influence SRD Contact

Stefan Teague, Adjunct of the Third Estate

Despite the sound of the title, the Third Estate of the Tetracameral Parliament of Fairhaven holds the most power, consisting of wealthy merchants, most of whom lack noble title. The First Estate, comprised of the hereditary nobility, runs a poor second in power and influence. The Lord Mayor himself, Chief Magistrate of Fairhaven, is of the Third Estate. The Duchy of Fennick is unusual in Elanthor. Perhaps it is because the King himself resides nearby, but the nobility is not the most important governing body on a local level.

Adjunct Stefan Teague, widower, father of three, is a career politician. Wise investments and an excellent education have allowed him to rise in social standing. Formerly Adjunct of the Fourth Estate, the terrae filius or common people, his success in financial dealings allowed him the opportunity to buy in to an office in the Third, where he thought he would be able to better advance his conservative but well-meaning viewpoints.

Born the only son of middle class parents, he is a proponent of public works, blue laws, and legislation protecting the lower classes from victimization by the wealthy. He currently resides in High Rathmead.

Yay! Contact info! Awesome, WW, this looks great; thanks!! A few thoughts/questions for you, whenever you've got time to answer them:

1. Widower. Nice touch.
2. "father of three": would Lenna know the genders? names? This brings to mind something else that I'll get to in a sec.
3. You mentioned blue laws - do you mean this in the general sense of today's world, or more specifically? To the point, is Stefan especially religious, or just moral?
4. more of a side-note: what are the other 2 Estates in the Fairhaven parliament?
5. and how do you pronounce that last name? :P

Now that I've got info on Stefan, I can build a bit better exactly "who" Lenna is when she meets with the man. Part of this involves how well I know Stefan; could you elaborate on this for me, please? Have I ever been to his residence, for example? This, of course, brings up how exactly I met the man...which involves Clark (and Laz). Any word on what's happening on that front?

Also (sorry about all these difference topics here, I know how much you've got on your plate), I've got two Shiftweave-related questions. First: can I change one of the outfits now, before it becomes an issue? I think I got caught up in the "sexy Lenna" aspect and forgot to add something more conservative; a big oversight on my part. Second (to re-state something I posted before): if Lenna takes off a part of the outfit, what happens to it?


I would assume the outfit comes in a few pieces, and remains in the form of the ensemble it was functioning as when removed.

Yes you may substitute out a conservative outfit.

Stefan is not particularly religious, but sees vice as another way of trapping individuals into demeaning lives. Almost everybody is religious to some degree, but his morality is not dogmatic. Unlike most of the Third Estate, Stefan Teague (pron. Teeg) is not an ardent follower of Zilchus, god of wealth (a very popular diety in Fairhaven).

Yes, you'd know names and gender of children, which I haven't yet written up. I was assuming you met him at a high class soirée elsewhere, not in the city of Fairhaven.

Clark is still not back online. He PMed me via his mobile phone. So, I think we'd best avoid any connections that are contingent on his character at the moment. Also, I wasn't privy to the conversation you two had, so I cannot write about it.

First Estate, nobility. Second Estate, clergy. Third Estate, wealthy merchants (bourgeoisie). Fourth Estate, Terrae Filius (peasantry, commoners, poor folk, lower classes).

Good to know about pieces of the Shiftweave. Another question: how long does it take for the 'weave to, as it were, shift from one appearance to the next?

Thanks for letting me swap outfits. I'll nix the catsuit in favor of something with more coverage. In general, what time-period should I look for? I was just gonna search around for Victorian-style dress, but if that's off, let me know.

It's surreal: while searching around for outfit ideas, I found an image that matches almost to a T what I envisioned for Lenna's 4th outfit. It can be found here, for reference. I'll edit the 2nd post in the thread, as well.

For your reference, here's some of the text from my PMs with Clark, edited and condensed into a few more formal paragraphs.

Here's what I had envisioned: Laz needed a beautiful woman on his arm for influences' sake, and Lenna was more than happy to build some bridges in Fairhaven while on the job. On one such occasion, under the guise of
Still need to figure this out; some false title of nobility from the south, I suppose...
one particular beauty, Lenna met
Is that his official title?
Ajunct Teague, and that association became especially fruitful - hence Teague's designation as my 1st SRD Contact.

How does that sound to you? Thanks for the background info, and I look forward to upcoming info fleshing out Teague.

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