Jm2c's Certificate of Graduation

Jm2c's Certificate of Graduation

Jm2c has earned the Wonder Woman Seal of Approval!

Old School for the New Player was meant as a game to introduce players to Myth-Weavers. While it was light-hearted in tone, combat was brutal, rules were strictly applied, and posting conventions were rigidly defined and enforced.

The game continued long beyond the time span in which the players might be considered newbies, and the players have since moved on to other games; however, as a GM, I know how difficult it is to decide who to choose for a game when you don't know the players.

To potential GMs, here is my assessment of this player's performance in the game:
Jm2c posted and role-played consistently and well. He kept up the once per day posting rate, followed all posting conventions, and had a good grasp of the rules of 3.5 D&D.

Six players began the game. One withdrew. Three died in the fight that ended the game.

Two players survived.

One... one was the bard.

Jm2c wasn't just a lot of fun to run for, his grasp of the rules and of the tactics of the game made the party's ultimate victory possible. Appropriate use of positioning on the battlemap, aid another, consumable magic items, bardic abilities and the like allowed the other surviving PC to do his job as a fighter and defeat the "End Boss" in an extremely challenging and deadly battle.

I've since had the pleasure to play with Jm2c in another game, and have enjoyed his sense of humor immensely, as well as appreciating his overall competence as a player.

Jm2c knows his stuff, excels at teamwork, and is a courteous and good-natured player. Highly recommended.

Good luck, Jm2c!

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