Celestia II

Celestia II

For game-relevant discussion.

Many of you are seeing a bit of recent activity in your private threads. That will be all of you, eventually. I'm doing Contacts and other backgroundy stuff. I needed to play a bit to get a feel for the group before I could really get into the meat of development.

Bear in mind that sheet review is not complete. It takes an hour or more to go over each sheet, and there are an awful lot of you. I've had a quick look at everyone, but only a few of you have been thoroughly reviewed. This will happen eventually, so don't be surprised if, some day, you get a note from me asking you to fix something or asking for clarification.

Please go in and add source and page number for non-SRD material to your sheets. This will make things go much faster. Many of you have already, many of you haven't.

I promised xp to those who posted their knowledge rolls, then I changed the code to sheetdice... I'll still hand out xp for that, but I figured sheetdice would work better because I won't have to go in and change things when you level.

I hope Krellish doesn't have to go swimming... although ripping a boat apart does sound like fun.

You'd heal up the tiny bit of damage you're carrying.

Jarl is staying firmly in the boat :P And will be very happy when he finally gets on dry land. He is sorely out of his element.

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
You'd heal up the tiny bit of damage you're carrying.
Always an added benefit I just don't like Krellish going off alone.


well I'm leaving in a couple hours, so ya'll have fun, will be back when I can

Have fun. PbP is slow even when it's going quickly, so don't worry about missing too much. We'll fill you in on whatever you missed.

Regarding my calculations of what strength to assign the boat in the Gallows Isle thread based on cargo capacity... I neglected to figure in the modifiers for size, so the ship would only have a strength of whatever was needed to drag 11.25 tons in order to drag 90.

The octopus still loses. Even if we do the math and find that the octopus could win on a nat 20 if the boat rolled a 1, I'd still say the octopus loses.

Grundun may retract his action without losing the spell, by the way.

I want to point out that visibility by moonlight on the open water is still pretty high, despite it being night. Fortunately you are not yet in range of the small cannons (culverins and demi-culverins) this vessel is likely armed with.

If it becomes necessary, I will do a battlemap.


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