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So, when it rains it pours. My little girl had a cold, and now has a urinary tract infection. My mom's life is a constant series of disasters and emergencies, and my dad's widow (he passed away this past August) may be trying to abscond with certain family heirlooms like my grandmother's jewelry.

Anyhow, I'm not trying to vent about my personal life here, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of some of the stuff that's been keeping me from putting the work in on this game that I'd like to. I have great ideas for it, but I haven't been able to sit down and dedicate a good block of time to do the work.

Please continue to bear with me. There's been a lot of good stuff so far, but there's a lot of material that needs to be organized, placed, and put into play. I'm on it, but I'm on it slowly at the moment.

Do we have a consensus in the Gallows Isle thread? What's the final plan?

Sorry to hear about your troubles, WW - hope everything eases up soon. Regardless, you've been doing an incredibly impressive job thus far. Major kudos and thank yous!

And...erm...seeing as only 5-6 people have really posted one way or the other, it's tough to call... but I'd say yes; it seems like the best thing to do at this point is sail west (outmaneuvering the ship on our tail) and enter the city in smaller groups on foot, meeting up again at Momma Toki's. If that's the plan, all we need is for Wippit to post with some IC info (directions, etc), and then we're (hopefully) good to go. If anyone in the Gallows Island thread has a problem with this, make yourself known, either here or in the game thread!

Constantine doesn't like boats or know anything about evading another ship. He is more then ready to follow someone else's plan.

Medusa is busy with work this weekend, which means a continued delay in posting in the Nordengeist threads as I am coordinating with her on law enforcement.

"Oh crap its LARS" whispers one of the guards who looks a shade or two paler.

Working on it atm.

I tried something different in the maps for Blackbeam, if anyone wants to have a look.

I'm not entirely happy with the way you have to hunt around for stuff... I need to go back and label the maps, I think.

There's a lot more that's going to go up soon, but I've been fiddling with better ways of doing it. I've concluded that the best thing I could do is get all the info up there and then go back and revise the maps or re-organize it when I figure out how I want to do it after the fact... that way you'll have access to all the info, even if it's not the easiest to find.

Gallows Isle thread folk, I'm thinking we can call it a consensus now... I have a few of you left to do contacts for, then I'll move on.

Remember, contacts (most of you only get one) are people you've had a friendly relationship with in the past and who are inclined to help you out to the best of their abilities unless you do something to damage the relationship.

Of course, you will be able to forge relationships with NPCs in the future that are independent of the formal contacts system. I will do my best to keep track of who you know and how they feel about you.

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
Gallows Isle thread folk, I'm thinking we can call it a consensus now...
I think so. I think the plan will be that we head a bit outside of the village (out of easy eyeshot) while we still have cover of darkness, Krellish gives us directions and drops us off (I would otherwise suggest just dropping Krellish off here for his convenience, but it's not entirely clear to me that we would be able to control to boat without him, since he activated the feather token, so it's probably safest to have him with us) as surreptitiously as possible, then he takes the boat and scuttles it near the sea gate and swims over to Momma Toki's. Then the rest of us camp out for a few hours and hoof it into town in small groups shortly after dawn.

Be easier to give directions to a tavern or something.. easier to find, at least. And then have the group met by someone (Krellish or someone else)

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Be easier to give directions to a tavern or something.. easier to find, at least. And then have the group met by someone (Krellish or someone else)
Works for me!

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