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I think I'll be able to cue your entrance and background you tomorrow. I'm running tabletop tonight, so I'm pressed for time.

Okay, here's the fast version...

You are a member of the Fellowship of the Crooked Stile. Your family are loyal to the Kirling Brotherhood, you probably joined the Stile as an act of rebellion.

Not only are you here to abuse the hospitality of the Sagid's of Fairview (they live in the upscale residential Kavner Yards in the Fairview district, which is in the NW portion of the city), but the Stile has requested that you make periodic reports on their activities. As known members of the now-defunct Brotherhood of Fairhaven, their actions in the city are of great interest to the Stile.

You are aware that the Stile is sending in other members in order to establish a foothold in Fairhaven. You would have arrived recently, perhaps a few weeks ago at most.

You have learned that Sagids are concerned about a new organization that is starting up in Fairhaven, possibly to take over the Brotherhood's business here. This group has some very influential members of Fairhaven society as founding members. They have not yet given themselves a name.

The local Sagids are upset that they are being excluded from this new organization on the basis of their Brotherhood connections.

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I have place you in the thread. Where I describe two men, one dark, the other fair, you're the fair one.

The dark one is Balthazar Menelaos.

Balthazar Menelaos

For the sake of simplicity, let's make you two friends, okay? He works for the man who is in charge of organizing the group mentioned in my previous post.

He's well-traveled... you two could've met at some point during your formal education. In fact, he wears a signet ring, an onyx cabochon set with an insignia of two golden crossed keys, that is the symbol of a group of rich bastards who generally plotted nasty things at the University he attended. If you wish, you can have an identical ring, having belonged to the same secret organization. Similar in concept to the Skull and Bones at Yale. I'll give you more information if you go for this option.

He is rather dark and serious, but has a dry, sarcastic wit. He also thinks poor people are poor because of their inherent inferiority. His family is nouveau rich, having scrabbled their way up to respectability, though they have distant aristocratic roots. Balthazar firmly believes they were able to drag themselves out of poverty because they had wealth in their bloodline. He has a strong sense of entitlement, and is a real bastard. But slick and dangerous. He is also contemptuous of his own family, thinking they are not as ruthless as they should be.

His employer says that the newly founded group of wealthy and influential citizens of Fairhaven want, for undisclosed reasons, to see the Stile flourish in the city. This is backed up by their exclusion of former Brotherhood members.

They are looking for individuals to infiltrate the main church of Zilchus and, after assessing the situation and forming a viable plan, to assassinate the archbishop.

The people you two are meeting have no idea what it is they are going to be asked to do.

Balthazar tells you that his boss, one Meridin Caraster, is concerned that one of the members of their organization is jockeying to take it over and fold it into a mysterious group known as the Praetor Syndicate.

According to Balthazar, the Praetor Syndicate is a group of non-human assassins. Their motives are incomprehensible, and they are rumored to count Rakshasa and Mind Flayers among their members. This is information you'd have gotten from him while he was drinking, along with slurred warnings to never, ever mention the Praetor Syndicate to anyone.

Meridin Caraster has taken arranging the death of the Archbishop into his own hands in order to prevent the Praetor Syndicate from gaining power within his own group.

Yay secret society! *acts secretively*
I have no actual idea what Skull and Bones is *opens wikipedia*, but I play sims a lot, so I have moderate experience with secret societies.

Do students in a secret societies really get man-eating plants?

Um... yes? But yours... um... died.

Okay, I better do your image code. I forgot.

Okay, image code is up. Knowledge code will have to wait a bit. I have a couple things to do first.

Constantine made a hand sign indicating he's a member of the Crooked Stile. Balthazar would not recognize it, but you would.

Hand signs in the Stile can only be used to communicate very basic information.

My husband says your avatar for this game looks creepy; like the kind of guy who would hang out outside an elementary school telling children he has candy in his pocket and they can reach in and get it...

I pointed out that it's an evil game, so the portrait is wholly appropriate.

The secret society you were part attending school is called the Keymasters. There was a sister group to it called the Gatekeepers.


Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
My husband says your avatar for this game looks creepy; like the kind of guy who would hang out outside an elementary school telling children he has candy in his pocket and they can reach in and get it...

I pointed out that it's an evil game, so the portrait is wholly appropriate.

The lesson every kid learns eventually is that strangers always have the best candy.

Your attention is needed in the game thread. Thanks!


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