03/08/998 Ender's Run in search of..

Grundun Gemcutter

Grundun let the local do the talking. He soaked in every bit of atmosphere and setting and discussion that was happening around them, striving to become acclimated to Fairhaven as quickly as possible.

During a quiet moment
Either before or after the current discussion, whatever fits best into the timeline.
alone together, Grundun shared his view with the others that shy of looking into every tavern and inn and hovel in this part of town, their best bet was to try to gain information on the pair from whichever of their co-workers they could find, and this might be accomplished best by inquiring discreetly if anyone works on the same ship at the nearest watering hole to that ship.

If things became more urgent, they could always go back to the ship and delve more deeply with the crew... Grundun felt there was more information to be had, there. But of course, they would need to do it in a way that was discreet and didn't tip off the pair or any friends they might have on board.

Antonin Zivelda

Antonin smiled politely at the devilish-looking woman, gracefully ignoring her multitude of fearsome tattoos and body art.

"Ah, the pretty lady doesn't waste any time," the old man replied with confidence, his accent disappearing entirely. For all rights and purposes, he sounded as if he was a native-born man of Fairhaven. "My name is Beldur Thade, and I represent a man of great import. There is an item I wish to secure for my master... something quite difficult to come by. I'd like to speak to Mister Tarkus Cromak about importing it straightaway."

He winked in a conspiratorial fashion. "My master can pay quite well."

heavily tattooed human looking woman, probably from Danuvia a southern tribal nation.

The woman looks each of you up and down and without taking her eyes off you moves lithely out of the way allowing you access to the main dock. She raises her arm and signals towards the dock and some of the men start working again those nearest the Minotaur remain at the ready. The
lizardman takes a spot behind him and the
ogre is about 10 feet away by a
the name of the little rack they stack a pyramid oc cannon balls on, hence cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey ;p
brass monkey loaded with cannon balls. As you move the woman falls in behind you.

pending better picture
Tarkus Cromak

As you approach the minotaur asks. “So, what do you need that requires four to ask?” his deep rumbling voice you can feel in your chest. His stance seems to indicate that he considers trouble of some kind still a viable possibility. Beside him you see a makeshift desk area with several ledgers and logs.

Antonin Zivelda

"Now, now, Mister Tarkus," replied 'Beldur,' wagging a finger at the huge, hulking minotaur. "Surely you understand how... unforgiving? How unforgiving Ender's Run can be, if one takes a wrong step." He gestured to the wild tattooed barbarian woman, the lizardman and the ogre in turn, and then to the cadre of dockworkers who look tensed, ready for trouble. "I see here, even a fine gentleman such as yourself surrounds himself with able men- and woman," the old man added, with a wink and a nod to Nichir, "charged with safeguarding his person."

Antonin raised both hands and indicated Grundun, Moony and Jarl. "I only do the same."

With a helpless sigh and a shrug of his shoulders, the old man continued, "But I digress. Mister Cromak, I'm interested in imports... let us say, hard-to-acquire imports... from Parlque." His brows rose slightly, almost suggestively. "The sort that are a mark of distinguishment for those who own them. Do you catch my drift?"

pending better picture
Tarkus Cromak

Relaxing a bit the minotaur looks back to his workers with a nod and all but the closest return to their duties. He says something to the lizardman who plunges off the dock into the murky swirling waters of the canal. The ogre and woman stay, her behind and him still off to the side. "Sorry can't help you. Gavashoon, they own all the trade routes there, if anyone has anything from Parlque. It twould be her ladyship. Seems you made the trip down here for nothing," He looks Antonin up and down. "But you did dress the part." It looks like he might be smiling.

Antonin Zivelda

Interesting, mused Antonin, brushing aside the comment on his customary wardrobe. Only Gavashoon imports from Parlque? It doesn't particularly fit with my understanding of the situation. I might as well try my luck with this one, and see where it gets me. It may turn up something important.

"Really? That's unexpected," replied Antonin, waving his hand nonchalantly. He tilted his head toward the rotting dock next door and nodded curtly. "Mister Sherpish seemed to hint that he was capable of importing hand-rolled cigars from that very nation. I take it that was a fabrication?"

pending better picture
Tarkus Cromak

A thunderous buffet assails you and for a moment you think you may be under attack but it is only the extremely loud burst of laughter from the minotaur. The dock workers look over and you notice even a hint of a smile on the woman and ogre.

"Sherpish?" he says between the snorts of laughter. "Well I hope you didn't pay the old fool for anything sight unseen, if he does have something like that he stole em." He takes a moment to compose himself. "I am sorry, no offense but did he strike you as a man with serious connections? I mean he hires drunks and beggars to work his dock."He says pointing down the row towards Sherpish's rickety outfit. "No Sherpish ain't to be trusted or counted upon lessen you be desperate." He finishes his little speech. "Like I said can't help you with those imports if you find a taste for something a bit less high and mighty come back we might be able to cut."


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