03/08/998: Late Morning, Ender's Run; near the Kraken's Hole Tavern.

"I sense the presence of evil!" warns the armored man with the sunburst shield.

The people down the east tunnel crowd toward the intersection.

The man with the shield
5' to N13
steps up, swinging his sword at Krellish.

"By Pelor's cleansing light, I strike at thee!"
he shouts grandiosely, but his blade bounces of Krellish's thick hide.

"Move up for the flank," shouts the dwarf to the halfling. "I'll be there in just a bit!"

The halfling, glancing at Tate, declines this advice, instead
to O13. He has to tumble because he is squeezing as it is only a half square.
tumbling behind the paladin. Unfortunately for him, he loses his footing on the slippery floor.

Krellish swipes at the halfling, and smiles as the paladin's attack bounces off him.

The halfling chucks a little bag of goo at the half-scrag that bursts open when it hits and splatters him with sticky goo...

The dwarf grasps his holy symbol, a small pair of crossed axes worn on a chain around his neck, gesticulating and chanting.

When he is finished, he dusts off his hands, nodding in satisfaction, and strolls up next to the paladin.

A smarmy looking man with a lute pushes up behind him and begins to play a rousing war ballad.

Behind the lute-player, an elven woman in arcane robes lifts her hands into the air, sending off a small volley of invisible balls of force from her fingertips that unerringly smash into Krellish.

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Krellish glares at the obvious spellcaster, but decides the paladin is more problems than he's worth.

Krellish grabs the paladin, both sets of claws ripping straight through the man's armor, then splits him wide open.

"Oh shit," says the halfling as his cover hits the floor bleeding.

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