03/08/998: Late Morning, Ender's Run; near the Kraken's Hole Tavern.

Tate a.k.a. "Brick"

Tate roared. "Rok!!! Get Down here!!!"

Tate then blinked, a cone of light 15 feet long erupting from his eyes. He dropped the sunrod and clutched his maul in two hands as he surged forward. He brought the maul down with excessive force, living in that combat rush.

The sunrod lands on the walkway, illuminating the hall behind Tate. Tate's blow bounces off the heavily armored dwarf.

The halfling shrieks in terror and lets another tanglefoot bag fly, this time at Tate. His panic fouls his aim, and the gooey substance ends up splattered on the opposite wall.

"Get the warforged," cries the elf, "I'll take down the troll!"

The dwarf obliges, swinging his axe at Tate. He looks startled that Tate appears completely unaffected by his blow.

Meanwhile, the smarmy looking man drops his lute and incants words of healing over the paladin, which stops the man's bleeding and returns him to consciousness.

The elven woman fires another pair of invisible balls of force at Krellish, severely injuring the half scrag.

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Krellish grabs his chest with his left hand, as his right raches back and draws a javelin. With a grunt, he hurls it at the wizard. Then he falls down, into the water.

Tate a.k.a. "Brick"

Tate grunts, twisting to see the Paladin stir. He sidesteps, putting himself in front of Krellish to take the brunt of punishment sure to come, and smashes his hammer swiftly down upon the prone do-gooder. "Stay down."

Above ground, Rok Freeman hears Tate yell. It will take him a bit to get there.

Tate's hammer bounces off the paladin's
Actually, the prone modifier is to his AC, not to your to hit, but that's okay.
armor. He swipes at Tate, scoring a solid hit, which utterly fails to have any effect on the warforged whatsoever.

The halfling shrieks in terror and throws his last tanglefoot bag, and Tate is covered in sticky
DC15 Reflex Save

The dwarf whacks Tate with his waraxe, actually managing to do a bit of damage this time.

The musician pulls out a scroll and helps the paladin with a little more healing.

The elf speaks an arcane word and a flash of light bursts in front of Tate's eyes...

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The water almost seems to explode as Krellish leaps to his feet, half of his wounds already having closed up. Another javelin comes to his hand, which his throws at the halfling, "Stop shrieking!"

The halfling stops mid-shriek, startled by the half-scrag's impressive display and terrible aim.

Tate a.k.a. "Brick"

Tate grunts, staring forward and trying to collect his thoughts. Swarmed, overrun, the situation was fast decaying. "Wee Jas, Give me Strength!"

The halfling draws his crossbow and takes a shot at Tate, barely scratching the warforged.

Who is still prone, and yes, I did this out of order.
paladin slashes at Tate's legs, missing.

The dwarf hacks into Tate, shouting in joy as he actually seems to do some damage, while the elf tries for another flash in his eyes.

The bard pulls his crossbow and almost shoots himself in the foot.


Sorry... I thought I was waiting for something. Oops.

The half scrag steps forward, next to Tate, and looks down at the paladin lying on the ground... and snickers.

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