03/08/998: Late Morning, Ender's Run; near the Kraken's Hole Tavern.

Moments after the paladin's untimely demise, Krellish sends the dwarf sprawling.

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Tate a.k.a. "Brick"

Tate struggles with the spell.

Rok quickly rushed to where he heard the call from his metallic partner, when he could hear the signs of battle he would use those sounds to lead him the rest of the way, ready to enter a fight.

Tate a.k.a. "Brick"

With a murderous glint in his eyes, Tate raised his maul in two hands and struck at the prone dwarf, grunting. "Wee Jas take you!"

The elf draws her loaded crossbow. As Rok Freeman joins the fray, the others realize that the tide has turned against them.

The man with the lute cries out;

"We surrender! Just let us go, and you can have all our money!"

The dwarf curses him, but isn't really in a position to argue. The halfling looks relieved.

All pause, waiting for a reply.

"Strip. Now. Walk out o' 'ere naked an' empty 'anded, an' I'll let you live." Krellish punctuates his statement by licking some of the paladin's blood off of his claws.

"We're not giving up our weapons," says the elf. "We'll give you our packs and pouches, but we're not going to make ourselves helpless."


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