03/08/998: Late Morning, Ender's Run; near the Kraken's Hole Tavern.

"Winter wolf... now that is a find. I can let it die. If you will excuse me gentlemen..."

Krellish dives into the water.

The grating on the outlet is chained shut. Krellish may attempt to break it open.

Krellish rattles the grate mightily, but doesn't manage to break the chain. Tate and Rok put their backs into it too. The chain gives way, and Krellish swims to the aid of the white wolf.

Rok Freeman

Rok calls after the swimming half-scragg, "Hey, aren't we looking for a pouch or something?"

Rok mumbled to himself and began to search the ground looking for some pouch.

Krellish vanishes under the water, heading toward the center of the canal. He may be ugly, but he is a graceful and powerful swimmer.

Fishing around in the water, Freeman finally manages to find a sodden leather bag decorated with mud-colored beads and bedraggled feathers.

It doesn't look like much of anything.

At that moment, Krellish emerges from the water, followed closely by a large white wolf. The beast is severely wounded, crossbow bolts sticking out of it as if it were a living pincushion. Blood stains the water red.


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