03/08/998 Late Morning Momma Toki's; Enroute to the Golden Coil

Valrik the Vile

"I'm assuming the custom work Momma is referring to is the forgery I require. My thanks, good lady, and please let me know when you have interesting new shipments from abroad. I am always on the lookout for spell component material. Good day to you," Valrik says, tipping his hat to the diminutive she-goblin.

a wiry female goblin with a mass of dreadlocks and a wicked smile full of teeth stained black from whatever foul mass she is always chewing on.
Momma Toki

"Ah yes indeed" she grins back at the bearded Valrik.

Galendrill Silvertongue

"Oh! My my...where is my head..."

With a bow, Galendrill thanks Momma Toki.

Brrurik is a guard at Momma Toki's Warehouse and never goes into the city. His wife Grazelda cooks at the shop.

As you exit Momma Toki's the gruff doorman enters again but leaves the door open allowing the wonderful bouquet of odors to waft out as the slight breeze blows through the building.

You see the main canal has considerable traffic for this time of day, no doubt due to the armada presence in the main harbor. You should be able to hire a boat to take you where you wish to go with little difficulty or you can make a long walk round to either of the gates.
This human works at Momma Toki's Warehouse as an Animal Handler
Malic Fick

One of Momma Toki's workers a red haired man with a flowing beard is hitching up to mammoth draft horses to a overly large box wagon with colorful lettering and ornamentation on the side. “Momma Toki’s Myriad Oddities”. From inside you hear a goodly amount of hissing and screeching. He waves as he see’s you exit the building and goes on about his work. Behind the building you see two mammoth leathery looking grey creatures with huge horns on their noses being fed copious amounts of hay by a tiny goblin.

Galendrill Silvertongue

Galendrill glances at the armada in the harbor with a frown before looking back out into the main canal.

"Well, it appears the taxis are back in service. Shall we hire one for the trip to the Golden Coil?"

Valrik the Vile

"We might as well. As soon as we are rid of these baubles, let us proceed forthwith to the investigation of the other items. It occurs to me that even if they are of no particular use to ourselves, they should be quite valuable to the person who attempted to seize them with the devil. If we can discover his or her identity, perhaps a deal may be arranged to our mutual benefit," Valrik replies in a low voice. "I shall have to make another foray into the estate tonight now that I have the proper spells prepared. Your assistance would be helpful, but not mandatory. I don't suppose you know what part of the building the good doctor resides, do you? He appeared from the first floor wing where I made my exit, so I would assume his office or chambers are located there. I need to obtain a sample of his handwriting for the forgery."

Galendrill Silvertongue

Moving towards the canal to hail a water taxi, Galendrill frowned at Valrik's request.

"I'm not one for sneaking about; no talent for it really. The best I could do would be to charm a few of the servants...or blast them with magic missiles. I'm not sure either will be of assistance though..."

A sudden thought occurred to Galendrill and he reached for the scroll cases that hung from his belt. Pulling out several scrolls, he quickly scanned them one by one until he found what he was looking for. With a nod he looked up at Valrik and smiled.

"I have several scrolls, however, that might be of assistance. One contains several uses of a spell that disguises the target. Disguised as a butler, or other house servant, I could approach the gates and charm one of the guards into letting me in and taking me to the doctor's quarters. You could follow along invisibly..."

You are able to acquire a boat and set off through the many canals of the city towards Malwick. Once you disembark and walk a bit you see a distinctive Golden
ouroboros sign with the name The Golden Coil suspended within the circle. The shop is unassuming, well maintained with a stone foundation and wooden construction typical of the area. The shop has small windows, again typical of the area too small for most people to get in through and the door is sturdy and ironbound.

Galendrill Silvertongue

Galendrill stepped forward towards the door, grasping the handle and opening it for Valrik to pass inside. Lowering his voice even more then usual he stated simply, "We are being followed. I suggest we do NOT conduct our business here...instead, we should browse the wares and move on...."

Alradur caws loudly, "Musty dusty dark and DANK. Going to find food. Food. Food." The large bird then launches himself into the air and disappears over the rooftops.

Valrik the Vile

"This is getting tiresome. Can you point out the culprit to me in covert fashion? And yes, we should just browse for a couple of moments in this and a few other shops in the district. Keep him guessing. It could be authorities keeping an eye on us or it could be someone else interested in certain items. I'm of a mind to summon a constable to complain about the break in of my shop and mention the fellow following us. That might buy us a bit of time to lose the tail," Valrik suggests quietly.

"As to this evening's planned activities, I had rather a different approach in mind, one that would leave no suspicious guards behind to report unusual visits. Do you by chance have an invisibility spell prepared? A single such spell would be helpful in getting me into the estate, whereas I could use my own for the egress."


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