03/08/998 Late Morning Momma Toki's; Enroute to the Golden Coil

Galendrill Silvertongue

Galendrill arched an eyebrow at the display of cleavage. "Yes, I do believe I will be looking closely at that...."

Leaning forward himself, he tore his eyes away from the buxom woman and looked at the slip of paper, all the while pretending to study the wand.

"It appears to deal with some sort of water enchantment spell. What spell is stored in it?"

A lovely dark-haired buxom woman with tawny skin, dressed in a colorful gypsy fashion. Bedecked in jewelry from bracelets to piercings in her eyebrow she appears to be quite wealthy. Typically she wears an open top cut to show off her assets and a loose skirt

"Owned by shipsmage this was, simply makes drink water." She plucks the small rod up and twirls it in her lithe fingers. "Exquisite, valuable for appearance not function to my eyes." Her eyes peer past you to the door and windows before she leans forward again. "Such loverly things I am being fond of." Then after almost seeming to try to inhale you she adds in a faint whisper. "Read." She abruptly stands straight up again and does the perfect impression of a shopkeeper looking out for a shoplifter by moving to observe Valrik while keeping an eye on her goods. "Coming back later perhaps be you?" She says to Galendrill. "Discussing then other things?"

Galendrill Silvertongue

Straightening back up and turning to face Valrik, Galendrill casually took the slip of parchment off the counter and rolled it up.

"I think I've seen enough for now. I'd like to do some comparison shopping if you're ready, Valrik."

Galendrill bowed slightly to Mineranthese. "Thank you for your time and attention. I'm sure we'll be back; I doubt we'll find better wares in the district." Though his face betrayed no smile, his eyes practically danced with amusement as he spoke the last sentence.

Valrik the Vile

"Aye. A good day to you," Valrik nods. Turning back to Gallendrill he replies, "Let us be about our business then."

Valrik leads the way out the door and proceeds down the street a few shops before entering another.

Valrik and Galendrill bob in and out of shops, some of which are known to both through their various business dealings. There is a general sense of worry in the air... since the Kirling Brotherhood has been purged from Fairhaven, almost in its entirety, local muscle has been growing bold.

One shopkeeper, an elderly gentleman named Shekallen Sark, whose shop is dedicated to the sale of glass and crystal suitable for alchemical uses and is currently boasting a sale on fine-tipped pipettes, seems to fixate on this issue, targeting Galendrill in particular with a diatribe on the sense of abandonment the local merchants are experiencing during these troubled times.

Shekallen Sark

"When I paid my protection money, it stayed paid, you understand?" he says, growing quite excited and voluble.

Galendrill Silvertongue

Galendrill stepped closer to the shopkeeper, glancing around the shop to see if anyone else might be listening in.

"These are tough times, brother. All of us shopkeeps have felt the squeeze. What's the latest news?"

Valrik the Vile

Valrik listens attentively for the shopkeeper's reply, but says nothing.

Could the break in at my shop be a prelude to a protection scam from one of the local gangs?

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