03/08/998 Late Morning Momma Toki's; Enroute to the Golden Coil


Valrik the Vile

"How much for the chest? I would as soon carry them in the container provided if you are willing to part with it," Valrik responds to the proprietoress. "It would save the time of counting out my share from a combined mass in your backpack," Valrik explains to Gallendril.

That and I would feel better carrying it myself to avoid any temptation. Not to mention risk of loss should some cutpurse decide to take his knife to your pack on the street. Still, a pack like that would come in handy in the future. I shall have to inquire as to where he obtained it.

A lovely dark-haired buxom woman with tawny skin, dressed in a colorful gypsy fashion. Bedecked in jewelry from bracelets to piercings in her eyebrow she appears to be quite wealthy. Typically she wears an open top cut to show off her assets and a loose skirt

As Galendrill finishes counting out his coins he sees that the chest in front of him is empty. The chests each contain 1000 gold coins of the realm. Mineranthese shrugs at Valriks question ”One gold being the cost of chest down the street.” she replies.

The SRD puts the weight at 20 lbs per 1000 coins which is higher than the quarter analogy. Almost double. So most likely the coins are about the size/weight of a 50 cent piece. And 1000 of them is a whole lot of bulk to deal with.
I refrained from naming the coins because I cannot find any reference to what the common names are for coins in this game.
For large purchases and businesses there have to be larger denominations (but these could draw attention) I will discuss the state of currency in the city and we can forward the information to everyone once we work something out.
For now consider that you have 20 lbs of gold to deal with.
FYI on coins

Valrik the Vile

Valrik smiles as he fishes out a gold piece from his pocket and slides it across the counter. He then secures the lid to the chest and hefts it to his hip before nodding to Mineranthese.

"A fine day to you then. I look forward to visiting you again in the future for additional business," Valrik replies before gesturing to Gallendril to lead the way out the door.

Once outside, Valrik asks Gallendril "Would you mind accompanying me to visit a creditor? An extra set of eyes on the street will make me feel better about delivering this chest in public. Given the interest in our activities, I prefer to 'hide in plain sight' as opposed to blowing an invisibility spell."

Valrik would like to dump a major downpayment on his loan right away before he gets ripped off. I guess we need to fill in some backstory on who exactly he owes his money to.


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