Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

December 16, 1953

Government agent Jimmy Woo, a slender Chinese-American with short dark hair dressed in a classic black suit and tie, is speaking with eccentric celebrity scientist Jericho Tesla. Jimmy Woo stands, leaning against the front of his desk, while Jericho sits in a chair facing him, shifted to the right, with his right hand holding his jaw in a thoughtful expression.

"So, you obviously sought me out for this job because of my reputation for obtaining difficult-to-locate artifacts, my daredevil antics, and, I'm sure to a lesser extent, my Jewish background. You must have figured all three of those characteristics would ensure may participation...either that, or you at least tailored your pitch to appeal to aspects of each of them", Tesla says to Woo.

"Maybe a little of both", Woo says, smiling to Tesla. "So, are you on board?"

"Yes", Tesla says, rising from his seat and offering his hand to Woo. "I look forward to serving two of my native countries on this mission. Give me a week to put my affairs in order. I have the time to take a research sabbatical, which is where I will tell everyone I have gone. Everyone will assume I am sequestered away in a lab somewhere, so no one should be suspicious of my absence."

"Good", Woo responds, shaking Tesla's hand. "We'll arrange your passage to West Germany in five days. From there, you and your partner will be on your own. While you are here, by the way, let me introduce you to the man who will be your partner. I think you'll find you have a lot in common." Jimmy reaches over and presses a button on an intercom on his desk. "Send in Mr. Grayson, please."

A moment later, a young, blonde man, clad in a business suit, but wearing an unusual headband and gauntlets walks in through the door.

"Jericho Tesla, let me introduce Robert...Bob...Grayson. He'll be your partner. You're probably more familiar with his code name: Marvel Boy."


April, 1954

Somewhere in the dark forests of Eastern Germany, two figures, completely covered in "frog skin" camouflage perform what appears to be archaeological work on the remains of an abandonned and overgrown complex of some sort. Brushing away vegetation and oxidation from what appears to be a door frame, one of the figures discovers a placard on a door, written in German, which reads:
"Looks like this is it", the one man says to the other before standing up, looking around to make sure the duo is not being observed, and then removing his camouflage mask and jacket, revealing himself to be Jericho Tesla. Stuffing his camo jacket and mask in a satchel, Jericho removes what appears to be a long lab coat/overcoat and put it on.

The other man removes his mask, revealing himself to be Robert Grayson, the Marvel Boy of the 1950's, and smiles back at Jericho.

"Now", says Jericho, "this is where the applied science comes in."...

...and he opens the door...

What follows are the events that took place between December 16, 1953 and April, 1954.

The "proposal" from Jimmy Woo, was to infiltrate Eastern Germany and "secure" and item which may have been left behind and forgotten about - an item from Hitler's occult collection during World War II.

The exact nature of the item is unknown. You are there as a search and recovery specialist; Marvel Boy is your super-powered defense and back up, just in case things know...

Marvel Boy has recieved a separate briefing and you get the impression he may know something you don't...but that doesn't neccessarily bother you. He's a regular government boy, like Woo. You're a hired freelancer on this job.

You have five days to put your affairs in order before the two of you are to be sent to West Germany, outfit yourselves with whatever equipment you need, and then somehow make your way across the border into East Germany, to the site of an alleged "secret" bunker of Hitler's.

December 21, 1953

You recieve word that your mission has been put on hold.

The person who was supposed to serve as your contact in Germany has apparently been killed in a car accident.

Jimmy Woo assures you the mission will go on. They are in the process of securing a new contact with the same experience for when you reach Eastern Germany.

You are not quite certain what "with the same experience" means.

January 30, 1954

You recieve your final briefing before heading off. Your job is to locate a lost bunker once believed to have been used by Adolf Hitler. It is now believed to be overgrown, abandonned, and forgotten, save for the little intelligence the US and UK governments have been able to acquire on it. Based on arial surveilance, journals, and other contemporary accounts, your job is to make contact with "Jackie", who will serve as your West German contact, gather your supplies, sneak over the East German border, and locate the bunker.

Your secondary objective is to retrieve an item described as an "anachronism" which is believed to be housed there.

Marvel Boy will serve as your defense and back up. Once the item is secured, Marvel Boy will also be in charge of summoning your "extraction" team.


Twenty years and one war ago, you would probably be making this trip in a Zeppelin, but with nearly all of them being dismantled for aluminum during the sequel to The Great War, cross-atlantic travel is now done entitely by airplane.

You get to spend some quality time with Bob (Marvel Boy) during the trip and can ask him any questions you may have. Like you, he is American and of Jewish descent. Unlike you, his regular job is as an insurance investigator and he claims to have spent most of his childhood on the planet Uranus.

While aboard the airplane, Jericho Tesla checks his pistols and whip along with their short list of gear. A whiskey flask filled with kerosene, a blackjack, a lighter and a container with French, Dutch and Turkish cigarettes. With them in his inner pocket. He sees how Marvel Boy is watching him. "These are for distractions and such. We get into a pickle, we're just drunken soldier boys on leave..."

After checking the gear is done, Jericho eyes the area he's flying over. "Reminds me of what i've had to both wars. Tell me Robert, is evil in the intention of doing good worse than intentional evil?.....I mean half the men i've.........dealt with thought their work was going to do some good.

Originally Posted by wazzguy View Post
While aboard the airplane, Jericho Tesla checks his pistols and whip along with their short list of gear...a container with French, Dutch and Turkish cigarettes...He sees how Marvel Boy is watching him. [B]
"Those aren't good for you, you know. Uranian scientists have determined that prolonged exposure of lung tissue to..."

God, he's uninteresting. This might be a long trip.

Originally Posted by wazzguy View Post
"Tell me Robert..."
" me Bob!"

Originally Posted by wazzguy View Post
" evil in the intention of doing good worse than intentional evil?"
Bob stops talking and gets a contemplative look on his face. "Not unless those with the intention of doing good ingore their moral and ethical compasses and become blind to the repurcussions of their action. That would be intentional evil."

"The man who's bunker we are going to find...he was intentionally evil..."

Seems like an odd comment from a man who would have only been a boy around the time of WWII. Besides, according to him, he wasn't even on this planet back in the 1940's.

Any other conversation you wish to have with Bob is fine and can be time-bubbled back. I'm just going to jump forward a bit.
The rest of the ride

Finally arriving in London, England's brand new Heathrow Airport, you disembark from your flight with plenty of time to get grab a pint or catch an order of fish-n-chips or bangers-n-mash (both of which Bob will tell you is terribly unhealthy if consumed in mass quantities) before getting to your connecting flight to West Germany.

Give me an Intuition check (1d100).

Tesla asks the patron if he could get a banger roll with a helping of Shepard's pie in it. "Try to always get this when I'm on the island" Tesla tells Bob, "Made it back in 28, called it a sloppy shepherd."

time bubbled conversation

On the plane, Tesla would let Bob's words sit for a spell.
"You're right about ethical consequences Bob. I mean i saw plenty of scientists more interested of 'can we' instead of 'should we'. I guess in the end their arrogance was overbearing and masquerading as desire for knowledge. Plenty of the jokers i've come across messing with artifacts or theoretical gizmos were recklessly hubris. In the end, a few of them didn't even survive their own grave mistakes"

Tesla would be in an almost meditative trance like that of samurai, thinking only on calming his spirit and even asking guidance form the universe and temperance from his inner strength.

5 day downtime before mission

Tesla would simply gather some equipment and bone up on his German. (don't know how you want to handle but with his work/background and intuition i figure he can probably speak German, Russian and maybe even French)

The only other thing would be Tesla getting an overall idea of Hitler's recovered collection using his occult archeology (+1 shift) and intuition Rm 35 he gets
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 96
plus burn enough karma to get a green


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