Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

I haven't had the time to type up a proper reply to your post yet but I'm getting to it!
By the way, that is Jericho climbing out of the water at the dock at the end of the issue four thread. You won't have anything to do in that game until we finish your actions here first, though.
After all, it's only 1954 now.

Taking a break during the flight, you notice Bob also seems to be in a meditative trance. He's definately conscious, but his eyes are closed and his breathing is very controlled.

Either he's meditating or he's going to need one of those little bags.

Many hours later, you complete the flight and Bob has managed to make the flight without having gotten sick, so you assume it was the former.


In the airport, you grab a quick meal, Bob opting for a salad with no dressing. He even picks off the skimpy amount of cheese, prefering to eat only the raw vegetables.

"Wow, Europe is definatly not going to fit will with his regular eating preferences", you think to yourself as you glace at your plate of sloppy shepperd and mentally rattle of the names of at least thirty-one different sausages Germany is famous for.


You start making a mental list of equipment you are going to need for this mission. Besides what you brought with you, everything else should be easily obtainable in West Germany when you get there.

You are still curious over what you might find. You know Hitler had a huge interest in Judeo-Christian relics such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Spear of Destiny (which was recovered shortly before his death), and other items.


During your meal, your attention is momentarily diverted to a blonde woman, probably in her thirties, who seems to be observing you from a distance. You've seen her before, shortly after you disembarked. You are now pretty sure this is not a coincidence; she's been tailing you.

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"We've got tail Bob" Jericho mumbles, pointing her out nonchalantly as possible. "Recognize her?"
"Possibly", Marvel Boy replies without bothering to look up. "Only one way to tell, right?"
Robert gets up and walks directly toward the lady. Either he's about to blow your cover or he thinks he knows exactly what he's doing. You aren't quite sure you're happy with either option.
The lady looks somewhat taken back by the fact that Robert just walked right up to her. He starts talking with her and, after what seems to be an extended period of time, he finally returns to the table with the woman in tow.
"Jericho, this is our contact. Allow me to introduce Lady Jacquiline Falsworth Critchton", he announces.
"Please", she responds, offering her hand "Call me Jackie."

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Jericho replies, looking over his shoulder to notice if anyone is watching their rendezvous. intuition rm 35
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 38

Jackie sits down beside you and takes your arm in hers. Robert shakes your hand, wishes you a good trip, says goodbye to Jackie and walks off. Jackie leans over and kisses your cheek, as if she was an old friend, before whispering in your ear.

"Sorry for all the subterfuge, Mr. Tesla. The parties we work for thought it might be safer for you to board a flight to Germany in the company of a female rather than with another gentleman...just in case anyone has been keeping track of you and Mr. Grayson's movements. Not to worry. Robert will join us in Berlin. You are in good hands."

Upon saying this, she opens her palm, revealing a drawing on her hand, which she quickly wipes away with her thumb after revealing it to you.

Before she erased it, you saw a triange, or pyramid, shape with an eye at the apex.

"Box 500 has everything arranged from here on out. Oh, and I almost forgot - you left your passport in the taxi."

Jackie hands you a passport containing your photo but a complete alternate identity.

"Well, we'd best be going, darling...don't want to miss our flight!"

You are unaware of anyone having been observing you during all this.

"Thank you so much sweetheart" he replies, holding out an arm,"I'm so forgetful" he notes to himself "the all seeing eye...........Illuminati, the Masons"

The two of you rush off to the appropriate terminal and catch your London to Berlin flight.

The flight to West Germany is uneventful. Jackie pretends to sleep most of the way; probably to keep from being engaged in a sensitive conversation that mighth be overheard by ears unknown. When you do speak to her, she is cordial and freindly. Should you mention anything about this mission, however, she begins talking about fictional events related to your newly-adopted identities as a way of indicating it may not be a safe conversation to have here.

Arriving in West Germany, the two of you disembark from the plane. Glancing over at Jackie, her eyes seem focused on something off in the crowd. She pauses, smiles, and says "hello, Bob!". Looking forward, you see Bob Grayson (how the heck did he make it here before you?), wearing a different suit then when you left him in London just a few hours ago. He gives Jackie a peck on the cheek, and shakes your hand, pressing something into it when he does so.

"It's good to see you kids again, but I'm afraid I really must run. We'll have to catch up sometime soon", he says before turning to leave.

Glancing down at your hand, you hold a small script of paper with a hotel name, address, and room number on it.

Jericho memorizes the information on the ninja note and light a cigarette and burn the paper. Then he checks for anyone following, Intuition Remarkable 35
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 18

Jericho is not aware of anyone following them.

A taxi shuttles the two of you to a small bistro a couple blocks down from the hotel, which you end up approaching on foot.

Entering the hotel, Jackie approaches the counter and says a friend was to leave an envelope at the front desk for her. The consierge checks and, sure enough, returns with an envelope, presenting it to Jackie. She thanks him, takes your arm and turns to leave.

Tearing the envelope open, Jackie removes a room key. Wandering through the hotel for a bit to make sure you aren't being followed, Jackie eventually asks you for the room number Bob gave you. Reaching that room, the two of you unlock the door...

...and there's Bob. How does he do that?

"I've scanned it", he says. "The room's clean."


The three of you make the hotel room your base of operations before you and Bob move out to the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Jackie again apologizes for all the "cloak-and-dagger" stuff, but "one can never be too careful", she tells you. Apparently, your original German contact, who died in a mysterious car accident back in December, was Jackie's brother. That's why the US and UK governments decided to push the mission back and increase security.

Now you know what they meant by saying your new contact would have "the same experience".

Next panel: an ariel shot of Jackie, Bob, and Jericho standing over a table looking at a sprawled out map, lit by an overhead light.

The next part of your mission involves getting your equipment to the German border, crossing over into communist-controlled East Germany, find a secure location to stash yourselves and your equipment, and radio a notice of your success back to Jackie, who will be remaining behind in West Germany. You are to avoid conflict with the East Germans at all cost. At a minimum, try not to kill anyone and don't leave beind anything that could trace your actions back to the US or UK governments.

Loaded with what seems to be small warehouses full of equipment loaded into an aluminum-frame reinforced backpacks (-1 to all Agility checks while they are on), you are Robert say goodbye to Jacquie in the forests north of West Berlin. From here, you have a several mile hike through the woods where you will eventually cross into East Germany...hopefully without drawing attention to yourself.

Frequently checking a compass, Robert keeps the two of you on course and within a few hours, you reach the East German border. You know this not from Robert's compass reading, but from the fact that, despite the intelligence available to you, this section of the border is indeed patrolled.

D@mn. You had hoped this would be fairly easy.

At any given time, you can make out four communist soldiers patrolling the border. As you make plans to deal with them, Robert reminds you of Jackie's recommendation: "leave no trace".


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