Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

Jericho manages to stealthily sneak past the communist soldiers who are busily distracted putting out small brush fires and attempting to get their electrical equipment working again.

Making it to the safety of the forest on the other side of the border, Jericho hastily scans for Robert, who he lost track of in the dash for the border. After a couple seconds of frantic searching, Jericho realizes Robert is right next to him, causing Jericho to nearly jump in surprise as Robert raises a finger to his lips to indicate "quiet".

"How does he do that?", Jericho thinks to himself.

Another day's hiking or so, you arrived at the collapsed remains of a concrete bunker which, according to the intelligence report provided to Robert from UN agents Richard and Mary Parker, was one of Hitler's secret bunkers during last decade's World War.

You set up camp in the woods, hidden from any eyes in the air, and pass the night eating preserved rations and canned food over a small campfire which helps keep the forest's increasing dampness somewhat at bay. Tomorrow you begin excavations to get inside the bunker.

During this time, Jericho gets the uncomfortable feeling he's being watched...

"Robert" Jericho says quietly to Robert, leering this way and that as if the forest itself might be listening in on him. "Do you know anything about this place? It's kind of giving me the creeps..."

Beyond what you already know, Robert can tell you that this region use to be the eastern part of Prussia until 1947, when it was absorbed into Germany...or, more properly, East Germany.
You are very near the sea, north of the town of Venstock, although it would still be quite a hike to reach it.
The structure itself sits on a forested hill overlooking the sea. It is approximately a half mile east of an abandonned settlement, probably once a small fishing village or harbor town vacated during the war when this area was bombed.
The front of the bunker, now badly overgrown and collapsed, is exposed to the forest, where the two of you are. The side is accessable via the sea, but it is hard to tell at this point if you would have an easier time accessing the bunker from the seaside or not.

"Bob, my guess is that the forested side is actually a ruse. Likely since the area is visible overhead it has to be disguised. We may want to recon the seaside carefully"

"We could repel down the cliff from here...or see if we could build a raft and approach from the sea...or, hey...", Robert snaps his fingers here as if remembering something. "We might be able to find an old boat in the abandonned fishing village back to the west."

"You know what Bob, we have to take a look at the village. Something here is giving me the creeps. Let's just do it very quietly"

Jericho goes first, stealth rem 30 spending karma for a minimum success
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 16

Originally Posted by wazzguy View Post
(O.O.C. i guess that ,makes it............15 karma spent minimum?)
20 Karma. 20+16 = 36, minimum success for Remarkable.

Jericho and Bob make it back to the abandonned village and secure a small boat. Jericho notices footprints and tire tracks throughout the town...fairly recent ones...perhaps there was reason for all the paranoia after all...

Heading out to sea and hugging the coast, you eventually make it back to the bunker. The entraceway on the seaside is about
Give me an Agility FEAT to scale the cliff.
fifty feet above the shore.

Once you make it to the entrance, you find a dark corridor that leads down a short distance before ending in a rusty steel door. A few hard taps on the steel plate lead you to believe there is an open chamber behind it.

The evening is getting late and you guys will probably want to grab some sleep at some point. This short cavern does provide adequate shelter from the elements, so you could spend the night in here if you choose.

Let me know your plans.

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