Jericho Tesla's Side Adventure

You make it to the cave without any difficulty. Though there isn't much room in there (and it is a bit damp), the two of you can easily and (somewhat) comfortably use the cave for your base of operations for most duties. You'd probably still want to go out somewhere if you want to light a fire.

As it's getting somewhat late, Robert suggests you set up camp for the night and be prepared to begin excavations in the AM.

Any other things you'd like to accomplish before the AM?

You don't really have any "trap-setting" ability, but you could probably rig up something at the mouth of the cave to ensure any trespassers would be easily detected, though.
You could also switch off keeping watch during the night. Of course, to ensure you each get 8 hours uninterrupted, it'll take 16 hours...

Partially sealing yourselves up in the cave for the night, your sleep is fitful at first, as you fear the approach of things hidden by the sound of the rolling waves outside.

After a while with nothing to worry about, you eventually fall fast asleep. The exertion of the day has been enough to ensure your sleep is deep, once it comes.

While Robert sleeps, you begin trying to find a way through the large metal door in order to gain access to the bunker. After trying to think of a way through it that doesn't involve explosives, which would have an extremely negative effect on your makeshift campsite, Jericho eventually decides to dig under the wall.

After excavating for a while, Jericho breaks through to the other side of the wall...or at least believes he a cloud of trapped gas billows out from the hole Jericho has dug, making him momentarily lightheaded...what was that stuff? After a short while, Jericho manages to enlarge the hole enough that he can crawl through it and to the other side of the steel wall. Doing so, he discovers a pitch black room with an identical metal door at the far end, almost as if this section of cavern hallway was sealed off between the two steel doors. Seeing as how well the plan worked last time, Jericho retrieves some excavation tools and a light source, heads back to the newly discovered chamber, and begins digging under the second steel wall.

About the time Jericho has created a sizable pit under the second wall, he hears Robert, who must have just woken up, on the other side of the first steel wall, calling for him. "Jericho? JERICHO?? Where are you?"

Turning back to look over his shoulder in the direction of the chamber in which he left his partner, Jericho sees rays of blinding white light enter his antechamber. It seems to be coming from the chamber where he left Robert, entering this room from the small tunnel he excavated to enter this chamber. Whatever is producing that much light can't be a natural occurrence...

Peeking back through the tunnel he escavated under the first steel wall, Jericho sees Robert searching the cavern for signs of entry. The bright yellow light is being emitted from the bracelets that Robert wears. As soon as Jericho indicates his location to Robert, he stops searching and the glow on the bracelets dims.

Now that both of you are awake, excavation under the second wall goes quite a bit quicker. Once pas the second wall, you find yourselves in complete and utter darkness, except for the light produced by any powered source you bring with you, which is relatively minor (think flashlight or lantern in pitch black).

After a few seconds in the darkness, light begins to flood the area; again coming from Robert's bracelets. The two of you seem to have come out in some sort of maze. Why the heck would this be here?

The steel wall you came in under is completely camouflaged from this side (that is, it's a secret door from this side, although it wont be hard to find since you now dug a large hole underneath it). The maze is not incredibly large and it does not take long for the two of you to navigate your way through it. At the far end, there is an observation deck located above the maze; below it, a single door leading out of the maze - the only actual door you've managed to find in here.

Trying the door handle, you find it sticks a bit, probably due to some oxidation that has occurred over the past decade. Managing to get it open, you find yourselves in a long hallway that stretches both to the left (west) and the right (east). For the sake of navigation, we'll say the door you just came through was on the north side of the hallway. There is a flight of stairs on either side of you, probably both leading up to the observation deck you noticed before. The east and west hallways go on for a short distance before they both turn south. You see nor more doors along this hallway, but you expect you will find some if you follow either the east or west hallway around the bend to the south.

Robert fumbles around in his pocket for a moment and pulls out a piece of paper. Opening it up, it appears to be a crude block drawing of something. At the top of the page is a roughly drawn maze. Is that supposed to be a map of this place?

Pick a direction and let me know what your plans are.

Taking the hallway to the left, you find no doors, until passing a sharp left turn to the south. Along this north/south corridor, there are two doors on your right, another door on your left, and a fourth door straight ahead, at the far southern wall of the hallway, where the hallway again bends out of view, this time, headed back east.

Fidgeting with his map, Robert comments "I think...from this...what we're looking for is right around the next corner."

Here, Robert points to the far southern end of the hallway and begins to head in that direction, seemingly ignoring the doors on either side of the hallway.

"This map", Robert holds it up, as if showing it to Jericho as if it were some courtroom exhibit, "was drawn from memory by someone who was actually here back in 1943...Jacqie's brother, Brian Falsworth...he was supposed be our original contact before he was killed in that 'car accident' a few months back." recognized the name is a line with strong connections to English nobility. Why would a member of English nobility have spent time in Hitler's secluded personal bun ker during the height of World War II?

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