03/08/998: Winchwell, the Silver Seal Tavern, in a dimly lit back room...

03/08/998: Winchwell, the Silver Seal Tavern, in a dimly lit back room...

The sounds of a disturbance outside near the canal continue, audible through the single shuttered window of a private back room at the Silver Seal Tavern. Candles flicker unsteadily as a damp, chill breeze fingers its way in through the slats on the shutters.

Unless the GM screwed up her math.
single glass of wine sits unaccounted for in the center of the large wooden table beside an empty bottle.

There is a single knock, and the door opens.

The innkeeper, sweaty and bobbing, pokes his head in. He looks pale and fretful.

"Another for the ABC League meeting," he announces, and vanishes almost immediately, leaving the door ajar...

Bax Esselav

It seems that before the innkeeper has fully withdrawn, the newcomer has entered. He stands easy in a simple black jacket and trousers, a hood thrown up to shadow his face. His hands are concealed in each's opposite sleeve and held low. Red eyes gaze out from under the hood as the door closes. Slowly and gracefully, the clawed hands come out of the sleeves and lower the hood revealing the fiendish features.

"I am Bax," he says, "The gentleman in Blaenville sends his regards."

Lenna Sha'am

"Tall, dark, and handsome," says Lenna appreciatively, biting her lip playfully. Other than this simple comment, the woman remains quiet as she inspects the new arrival. Presumably, someone more in the know will explain who the newcomer is.

Balthazar Menelaos

Menelaos stands, offering the newcomer a slight bow.

"Master Esselav, a pleasure," he says. "I am Balthazar Menelaos, in the employ of 'the Man from Blaenville,' and I speak for him here at this gathering. Forgive my surprise, when you failed to arrive last night, I was convinced that you were not coming."

He takes his seat, gesturing to Bax to join the others.

"Master Esselav is a representative of a powerful ally, our Benefactor as we call him. This Benefactor, as I've already mentioned, is interested in promoting your organization,"
here he addresses Lenna, Chastity, and Constantine directly, "and also the ascendancy of Father Taro within the Church of Zilchus."

He indicates Father Taro for the benefit of Bax.

Constantine a.k.a. "Blackjack"

Constantine regarded the newcomer carefully. "Constantine." He said plainly introducing himself.

"Lenna is right, about our operation." Constantine said turning back to the matter at hand. "What sort of time frame are we looking at? Days? Weeks? Months?"

"Just how urgent is his removal?"

Chastity Neverton

From the corner, Chastity heightens her guard as there is a knock on the door. She watches carefully as the newcomer enters, and reveals his facial features. Her heart starts to pound and her hands sweat. That familiar feeling welled over her. Her next conquest has been spotted. The only thing she said was in a whisper,

"Mmmmm, tasty."

She moved slowly to the table keeping her eye on the lovely specimen. She sat lightly on the chair not daring to look away. He had her undivided attention.

Balthazar Menelaos

"The sooner the better," Menelaos tells Constantine. "The faction within our group, which we believe to have contrary interests, may act before us. It depends how quickly they can mobilize."

Bax Esselav

Bax steps up to the table, returning his hands to thier customary, hidden, position, while studying each of the occupants in turn. "It might be beneficial to post a 'guard' on his excellency to prevent just such before we are ready to act. I made the acquaintance of one Lars Jorgensen yesterday while being misdirected from my true destination," he glances briefly at Menelaos while saying this. "The constable seemed to be quite proficient at his chosen profession. Perhaps, if we were to alert him, he could either prevent them and save the assassination for us, or fail and apprehend the members of the faction. Both would be beneficial to us."

Father Silas Taro

Silas eyes the newcomer, but says nothing. Instead, he listens intently as Balthazar introduces the dark man, and supresses the bile in his throat as the women at the table drool over the stranger's appearance.

No better than beasts rutting in the fields...

After the introductions are made, Silas leans forward in his chair, places his elbows upon the table. He presses the tips of his fingertips together as he looks about the room and the motley band assembled there.

"Assuming the Archbishop does not break with his habits, he visits the opera on Saturday nights. Tomorrow, in fact. If we fail to strike now, we must wait a week, or change our plans. I am not one for waiting. And I'm sure our rivals will not be waiting, either."

Balthazar Menelaos

"If you were to decide to wait, I'd recommend taking steps to keep the Fellowship's rivals from claiming the prize," Menelaos says.

The disturbance outside intensifies. A wild howling rises from the canal, like the cry of a wolf... a cry of desperation and pain.

"What in the Nine is going on out there?"

He turns to Bax.

"Did you see anything on your way in?"


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