03/08/998: Winchwell, the Silver Seal Tavern, in a dimly lit back room...

Bax Esselav

"There was some commotion in the canal. It appeared a large animal was being cornered by the watch. I assumed it was some wizards errant summoning or an escape from some lords menagerie," Bax seemed unconcerned and indeed he was. What was it that kept these people from focusing on the important? "I do not think the Nine are involved."

Malachai Lansing

"So, I'm needed for passes to the opera and plans for the opera house? I presume Father Taro can garner an invitation for himself and perhaps a guest. Perhaps also he might bring a friend for the Archbishop?"

Chastity Neverton

Chastity looks at Lenna and then to Father Taro.

"We are friendly...enough."

Father Silas Taro

Silas smiles at Chastity.

"Of course, you and Lenna would make fine 'guests'," he says with a sly wink.

He stands and bows before the women.

"Chastity, may I request your company for tomorrow night's gala as my honored guest? And Lenna, as an official of the church of opulence, I ask for your company in the stead of the Archbishop. I'm sure he would be more than delighted to share his balcony with one who no doubt has a deep passion for the opera."

Silas laughs and then smiles wickedly. "Forgive me. I am not so eloquent with social engagements. But I do try. Now, shall we prepare for tomorrow nights.....performance?"

Bax Esselav

It seemed that something had been decided upon, but Bax was unsure as to what. "How will he die? Females at theatres are all well and good, but what will ensure the success of our venture?" Something wasn't feeling quite right.

Father Silas Taro

"Success indeed," Silas muses. "Balthazar here, however has a vessel which will aid us in capturing the Archbishop's soul. I believe we were discussing its merits before the outside commotion."

Silas reaches for his wine glass, and then stares at it in disgust as he learns it is empty.

"And of course we shall secure our plans before we strike. The social...necessaties are just one part of the overall scheme."

Chastity Neverton

Chastity grabs the wine bottle and fills Father Taro's glass. She then addresses Balthazar, "Would it be best that you did not know of our plans? Or do you wish to be kept up on the details? Because, I am ready to start planning for the opera. I have a few abilities that may come in handy, and am eager to get the ball rolling."

Lenna Sha'am

"Don't say it like you're the only one, honey," says Lenna with a devilish grin. "We'll both certainly have our various nefarious ways, I'm sure - but although we've been provided with a way to keep the Archbishop from ever telling his tale, we haven't really discussed how we'll deal with his full detail of guards and so forth. Not to suggest that Chastity and I can't handle ourselves, of course..."

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"Don't say it like you're the only one, honey," says Lenna with a devilish grin.
Chastity Neverton

"Didn't mean it to sound that way. I am sure all of our abilities will come to play. I have an idea but first want to know whether to discuss it here or at another location."

Malachai Lansing

"In the meantime, allow me to fetch the map of the opera house. And to procure tickets. It shouldn't take long... I shall make my wishes known to my fellows, and they shall send runners within the hour."

He pulls out a leather bound book, a long black feather pen, and a sealed inkwell from his case. Flipping the book open, he whispers a few arcane words, then begins to scribble on its pages, pausing every few moments to read. He keeps the book tipped up against prying eyes.


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