03/08/998: Winchwell, the Silver Seal Tavern, in a dimly lit back room...

Father Silas Taro

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"Didn't mean it to sound that way. I am sure all of our abilities will come to play. I have an idea but first want to know whether to discuss it here or at another location."
Silas lazily whirls the glass, watching the luscious wine within lap softly against the rim.

"We can discuss it here," he says. "Why wait? We're all present...and there's wine."

The Father takes a long drink from his glass.

"That is the good stuff."

Balthazar Menelaos

"Indeed, I'm intrigued to hear your ideas."

Chastity Neverton

"Now I admit I am just getting to know my companions so I have to make a certain amount of assumptions. I assume we are all used to working with poisons. I too can work with poison but have another unique ability. They don't harm me in the least. With that, I am able to use this to my advantage. For instance I can drink of the same poisoned bottle of wine to avoid suspicion. I think that maybe poison is the way to take him out. Some are untraceable, others make a statement. You pick.

Guards will need to be distracted as well as any entourage the Archbishop will likely have with him if we are to poison a bottle or bring one in unnoticed. It isn't a full plan but it is a start."

Asdar Sagid

Asdar simply nods to the new arrival. He snaps out of his reverie as Chastity reveals her immunity. "Yes, that might indeed work very well... On a passingly related note, Father, do you know whether the bishop has any bias for or against nobility? I am currently... staying with relatives who are nobility. They have little say in politics and the like," The man remarks with a handwave, "But I do believe we could outfit the ladies to make them pass as nobility quite plausibly." He empties the rest of his glass and reaches for the bottle to refill it.

Bax Esselav

Bax remained silent and listened to the formation of the plan. His master, during the latter phases of his training, pointed out to him that a plan is like a journey; it can go as expected or it may not. Being able to adapt in unpredictable situations is an important talent, especially in an assassin.

"Is the Archbishop proof against poison also? Is it his habit to employ a taster?" Powerful humans are known to do this on occasion.

Balthazar Menelaos

"I do know of a good alchemist. Poisons are seldom
At least not according to the rules!
guaranteed to work, but I've heard rumor that he specializes in some unusual methods. Perhaps something slow acting, so he doesn't drop dead on the spot?"

He turns to Bax.

"What role do you think that you could play during this... adventure? You aren't exactly inconspicuous, though I've no doubt you are capable of stealth when needed."

Bax Esselav

"My master sent me to assist in any way I am able," Bax began, then bowed slightly as he continued, "It would seem that my current role is to ask questions that do not get answered." He smiled then, and somewhere a child cried in fear while it's mother did her best to sooth it, "We each contribute according to our talents."

Balthazar Menelaos

"Yes, I was hoping Father Taro might have the answer to your question. I'm afraid I haven't had the pleasure of socializing with the Archbishop."

Chastity Neverton

"Mmmm. He's feisty too!" She winks at Bax. "He is however correct. We need to know whether his entourage includes a taster. Although, that job may prove to have high turnover."

She turns to Asdar, "I have quite an extensive wardrobe, however, it may not be what the nobles in his area are wearing. Any help in trying to fit in would be greatly appreciated."


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