03/08/998: Winchwell, the Silver Seal Tavern, in a dimly lit back room...


Malachai Lansing

"I've some maps of the general layout. I think it may be best if we lure him backstage for the kill so we can have greater numbers and more privacy."

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Lenna Sha'am

"Sounds good to me," says Lenna, perusing the maps Lansing spreads out. "I'm pretty sure I can get myself backstage; anyone else want to back me up? And will ushering the Archbishop there be a problem for the rest of you?"

Mostly posting to get back some momentum for the thread as a whole. WW, I'm sure you're busy, but I'm still waiting on that private thread post you promised me in your ooc text.

Bax Esselav

"I will accompany you," Bax offered, "if you expect that you will need my help." He wasn't sure what he could expect in a human theatre. It wasn't what he might do for pleasure, if he did anything for pleasure, that is.

Father Silas Taro

Silas glances up and down the table drunkenly.

"Backstage, eh," he says as he strains his eyes to see the maps. "I must stick close to the bastard, else I'd lay in wait with you."

Lenna Sha'am

"Oh, Father, you can lay with me any time," breathes Lenna seductively, noticing Taro's intoxication with a smile she doesn't even bother to hide.

Turning to Bax, Lenna continues to smile. "Thanks for the offer, sweetie - I'm sure I'll be in good hands with a big strong thing like you behind me." The woman winks quickly, the ambiguity of her words obvious, before giving her attention back to the maps.

Bax Esselav

Thankful, at last, to have some kind of objective, Bax nods at the female.

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