GM discussion thread.

Both very good suggestions. If you want to start a thread for the half-drow, go ahead and run with it. He is located in the Ebbington District (as is Father Taro).

Use the naming convention with date and location, private to laiced, making sure to turn off signatures in the thread.

I take it you've read Medusa's post in the Plot Tracker? Feel free to contribute to that thread as need be.

I've priced out Laiced's mortuary request, so he should be ready to roll with his loan as soon as he picks some sort of package out of the options I gave him.

I just read over Medusa's plot points regarding the spore-laced bodies (I remember now that's where I got the idea), and I think it would be amusing to have the Watch show up on Cymmeian's doorstep with one of those corpses. I'll summarize Laiced's opening thread details there.

Nope, I just found a picture I liked and cropped it in Microsoft Photo Editor. That picture I added to Laiced's thread was a church (with crosses atop the eaves), so I just cut and pasted some sky swatches to cover those.



Depends who's askin'... ADOBE?!

But seriously, sure, if you like. It would sure help me out a lot.

'kay, I'll try to get a link up tonight.

I'm going to open new threads for CotF, update Gwynneth, then start mucking about here. I think I have a good amount of time open.

Do you think the wolf should react positively to the gnoll? She's pretty desperate.

Regarding the mortuary... Hold Portal has a duration in minutes per level and won't allow the caster to pass through unless dismissed.

Apologies, I was thinking of Arcane Lock, not Hold Portal. Arcane Lock has a Permanent duration. That's the one I meant to write.

Arcane Lock is only passable by the caster. Stronghold builder's guide has an Improved Arcane Lock, which is a third circle spell, to which additional people can be added at a cost of 5 gp each (205gp +5gp for each additional person besides the caster). Is this the spell you were thinking of?

Are you missing any of the books, by the way? When I do my upload to my website, I'll toss in anything you're missing if you give me a list.

Then I'll probably go back through and delete all references to this activity in the threads. LOL.


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