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Arcane Lock is only passable by the caster. Stronghold builder's guide has an Improved Arcane Lock, which is a third circle spell, to which additional people can be added at a cost of 5 gp each (205gp +5gp for each additional person besides the caster). Is this the spell you were thinking of?
That sounds more like what Laiced wanted. I'm afraid I don't have the Stronghold Builder's Guide, so I wasn't aware that spell existed. I also didn't notice the bit about only the caster being able to pass through... whoops.

Stronghold Builder's Guide... any other books you need for reference for this game?

EDIT: Unless, of course, you object to that sort of thing.

I'll try to come up with a list of books I need later tonight.

In the meantime, I was wondering if you could provide me with a portrait for the leader of the City Watch contingent that's showed up on Cymmeian's doorstep. He'll need to look the military type, and appear to be relatively sharp and intelligent, but other than that the physical details are unimportant.

Got anything in your big bag o' pictures?

Alright, here's a list of books I could use (in relation to this game), if you have them:

- Stronghold Builder's Guide
- Tome of Magic (got plans for this one )
- Planar Handbook
- Cityscape
- Arms & Equipment Guide
- Magic Item Compendium

And that should do it!

Nevermind, I was able to find a portrait that I liked. His name will be Miles Bridgeworth, and he will be using the Corporal Town Guard NPC statblock.

Corporal, Town Guard

FYI on Cymmeiian's thread:

Courses of Action* If Cymmeiian refuses Corporal Bridgeworth's request, he will compel the mortician to service with a Writ of Cogo Regalis, a warrant signed by the Duke's Chamberlain which legally binds Cymmeiian to render the services requested by whit of it being in the city's best interests. If he still refuses, Corporal Bridgeworth is empowered to place Cymmeiian under arrest. If it comes to that, I'll expand further... should prove interesting if it does!

* If Cymmeiian agrees to help straightaway, Corporal Bridgeworth will order his men to bring in the body of the man who died from k'talla spore poisoning. The body is currently in a horse-drawn carriage a few houses down from the mortuary. Since the Watch's own coroner was unable to find a cause of death, but feared some sort of plague (or that magic was involved), the Watch is taking no chances in handling the corpse.

The body is being handled under City Watch quarantine procedure:

Quarantine Procedure* The body is in an airtight body bag and coffin, bound by black leather and the seal of the Duke

* Everyone who came into contact with the body (the one who found it, the Watchmen who handled it, etc.) have been quarantined until further notice. I imagine they're being held in whatever sort of city facility could conceivably handle the number of people involved (probably around 20 people or so).

* A gag order is in place on all topics surrounding the body and the death, forbidding them to discuss it. Breaking the gag order will result in immediate incarceration.

Following the autopsy, Cymmeiian will be compelled to sign the above gag order. But being the Vecna-head that he is, he'll probably just ignore it anyways.

Once Laiced has his character sheet finished, I'll review his skills, and try to come up with some reasonable DCs for the skill checks he needs to roll during the autopsy.

Nice. Very nice.

Sorry for my absence. Also, those files I was going to get you will have to wait until I get my website stuff all transferred and set up on this computer.

Originally Posted by Kirby View Post
Once Laiced has his character sheet finished, I'll review his skills, and try to come up with some reasonable DCs for the skill checks he needs to roll during the autopsy.
Complete Adventurer p.101
You can use the Heal skill to determine what killed a dead
creature. The difficulty of this task depends on the nature
of the death itself, as shown on the table below.

Cause of Death -------------------------------DC
Physical wounds ------------------------------0
Environmental (fire, suffocation, etc.)-----------5
Spell with visible effects -----------------------10
Poison ----------------------------------------15
Spell with no visible effects --------------------20

Each day that passes between the time of the creature’s
death and the time the examination is made increases
the DC of the Heal check to determine the cause of
death by 5.
Action: Making a Heal check to determine the cause
of a creature’s death takes 10 minutes.
Try Again: Yes, but it takes 10 more minutes for each
Taking 10: Yes.
Taking 20: Yes, but takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Is Laiced aware that the Heal skill is used for autopsies and such? His sheet isn't complete yet, so I don't know what he's spent his skill points on, but it would kind of upset my plan if he doesn't throw any points into it. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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