03/08/998: Afternoon, the Canal between Winchwell and Ender's Run

03/08/998: Afternoon, the Canal between Winchwell and Ender's Run

Crimson billows out in the churning water as the white wolf thrashes about indecisively, trying to find a safe place to flee to.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+9, 1d20+7, 1d20+9, 1d20+5, 1d20+3, 1d20+3, 1d20+3, 1d20+3, 1d20+3, 1d20+3, 1d20+3

Crossbow bolts plunge into the water ahead of you, displacing water behind them in silvery streamers.

The wolf turns suddenly in the water, thrusting its head under the water and looking around.

Grundun Gemcutter

As Grundun recognized Krellish, he pointed at the sea troll. Via the Message, he said with exaggerated syllables, "Can we hide it? Help it escape?" Then he repeated himself. He continued heaving on the trap door.

Krellish looks a bit startled at receiving the magical message, but recovers quickly. "I can hide it. It's intelligent, I take it? It looks like you spoke to it."

Krellish continues to move towards the wolf; this water has a predator.

Grundun Gemcutter

"Yes, speaks Common," replied Grundun. "It must dive. Lead, I follow. Slowly."

Pointing at the wolf, he said, "Troll coming. Ally. Follow."


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