Character folder

Character folder

Welcome to my newest game project, Return to Greyhawk.

Since I intend to keep this going for while, and hope that you all think the same, I ask you to create character of 1st level.... yeah, yeah, you think it will suck but I think that sometime we forget easily that there was a beginning for every player so as a reminder and also to give you all the chance to develop your toon in your own personal way, we will start at level 1.

You build your character with a 34 points total, you all have a regional bonus feat (for that matter, we will try to find equivalence between FR and Greyhawk!) and you will all start with the maximum cash allowable for first level character.

No big background necessary but one thing essential, you all know each other at least for the last couple of days... if you don't want to be friends with anyone yet!!

Any question should be asked here...and answered too...

Let's rock... or rather
As in rollplay...

Ok. Question: I have said I would do a barbarian, but I noticed no one showing interest for a stealth-type (skill-monkey/rouge/whatever). I have a cool idea that was attempted here but the game died down almost on start (hope it was not my fault...). Are you ok with that?

Enzo Toradi was built the opposite of the typical adventurer (he's an arrogant attention-seeker) that fits in because of a visceral need to be well-liked and popular.

Other questions:
  • Would the Mercantile Background regional feat be ok?

Ok for the Mercantile Background feat, I'll come back to you for the region where it would be link but you did not tell me much about your character except for the name. Do you have a sheet? Having a skill monkey is always welcome even if he has pain in the butt attitude!!

Sounds Ok by me... Fix up the few thing that need adaptation then apply for the game... or the other way around... as you wish!

What is max cash for level one? Are you going by class, or by the highest allowed? If by class, I'm thinking a marshal is gonna be somewhere between a fighter and a paladin... not sure. I don't have my books readily available here at work.

Jarkol Stonebreaker
Male Dwarf

Has a burning hatred of all goblinoids, more so than is normal for a dwarf, since he lost his clan to a group of Orcish raiders.

I will cut the size of the picture for better fit, but I like this picture, because it's exactly what's in my mind for him. Character sheet is attached to it.

Yes Sir!! *Stands in salute*

At ease soldier! By the way, I'm interested to know what modules in the world of Greyhawk you might have read, played, dmed or glimpsed into. I'll open private thread for each one of you that has already joined the game under your username and answer my question there...Thx!!

Main reason is to try to do those which haven't been played at all!!!

Another thing about character creation. You will have full hit points at first level then half +1(d4=2+1, d6=3+1, etc) plus any Con bonuses!!!


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