Character folder

Name: Draekel
Race: Mongrelman
Class: Dragonfire Adept 5

Ondalia Hoppingbrook

Travelling Priestess of Yondalla
Guardian of the Downtrodden
Performer of Good Deeds

I'll keep Rawhide as ugly as Harding created him.
But not emotionless.
...I want him to slowly open up.

Originally Posted by Hardin View Post

Name: Mellavin Shortbark
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Ehlonna

I usually don't find pictures that really fit with the characters I have in mind, so you'll just have to go with my description.


Character advancement

A little note for all, when getting a new level, your character should receive at least half the value of his basic hit dice plus any Con bonuses! So you can roll the dice to figure out what the destiny might grant you but if below half, adjust it!

Oh, we roll with a minimum of half the dice. I had put Half + 1. Here are the rolls for level 2 and 3 then:
Hit points fighter level:
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 1

Hit points rogue level:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 3

Wow. lucky it's not roll and keep the results! So this is 5 and 3

Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 5
DFA 1d8
Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 3
DFA 1d8

No luck... good thing Draekel has a good con mod.

Character updated!

I had also taken half+1, but these odds are better:
level 2:
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 5
level 3:
Dice Roll:
d8 Results: 6

character sheet is also updated, except for prepared spells


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